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  • "Sealed Maintenance-Free" Batteries. What a Myth!
    The term "Sealed Maintenance-Free," in my opinion, is a marketing-driven term. In the early 1980's, when telephone Private Branch Exchanges (PBX's) were being deployed into customer premises, computer mainframes were migrating out of dedicated computer rooms, and smaller computers were being
  • New Applications for Energy Harvesting
    As mobile phones morphed from wireless analog telephones to handheld computers, users kept demanding more and more energy-consuming features,­­ such as web browsing, videos, gaming, and email, while still requiring extended battery life. Since battery makers were not much help, semiconductor
  • A Lesson in Disaster Preparedness
    Franklin Telephone is an independent Telephone company that serves approximately 6700 subscribers over 10 exchanges in Southwest Mississippi. Franklin Tel takes pride in providing its customers excellent service, even in the worst conditions. They provide battery backup for Central Offices
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    zero-emission vehicles mandate and admit that battery-powered electric cars are failing in the marketplace. Clinton approves NTT acquisition of Verio President Clinton has approved the sale of application service provider Verio Inc. to Nippon Telephone & Telegraph Corp., after the Committee on Foreign