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  • Bellows smooth valve moves
    Off-the-shelf electrodeposited-nickel bellows replace costly and stroke-limited custom bellows in gas-turbine fuel-control valves. In-line, microprocessor-controlled valves from Continental Controls Corp. work with PLCs to match fuel flow to turbine rpm and load. Valves use two oil-filled
  • Establishing a new method for determining valve flow coefficient
    The most frequently heard question in the engineering departments of valve manufacturers is, "How much will it flow? " Although details such as process gas, inlet pressure, inlet temperature, and pressure drop are often not included in the question, an acceptable flow rate and/or pressure drop
  • Hydraulic Speed Control
    When using industrial equipment such as automated drill heads, positioning slides, and transfer conveyors, precise speed and feed control are required more often than not. While there are a number of options for precise control, probably the most cost effective is the Hydraulic Speed Control. HSCs
  • Advantages of Using a Thermal Expansion Valve
    All phase change refrigerant systems require an expansion device which controls the flow of refrigerant in the evaporator. Two principal types of control are used: Thermal Expansion Valves or Capillary Tubes. Thermal Expansion Valves balance and modulate the refrigerant flow to the heat load
  • Measurement and Control Basics, Fourth Edition
    valuable as a concise and easy-to-read reference source on the subject. This new edition provides expanded coverage of pressure, level, flow,. temperature, analytical measurement, and process control computers. Material on the proper tuning of control loops was added to Chapter 1,. and expanded coverage
  • Optimux Control Valves for Aerospace Testing Systems
    of flow, temperature, and pressure control solutions for aerospace applications that include the OpTE - a robust triple offset butterfly valve that ensures bubble-tight shutoff at any temperature - and the OpGL-XT - a rugged, multi-purpose, custom-engineered globe control valve for applications
  • Valves & Specialty Metal Materials (.pdf)
    The role of valves in a process is far from insignificant. These components enable engineers to control the vitals of a process: temperature, pressure, concentration, and flow. In some cases, the failure of a valve could be catastrophic and in other cases just a headache, but whatever your
  • Decentralized hydraulics boost sawmill output
    knowledge of hydraulics. The pretested subassembly consists of a temperature and vibration-resistant microcontroller built into a fast-acting control valve, along with a position transducer and hydraulic cylinder. It communicates to higher-level PLCs, motion controllers, or CNCs via fieldbuses
  • Traditional solenoid valves are simple to install but may not be the right solution for long term reliability or high flow applications
    Replacing a solenoid valve with a DynaMatic electric ball valve...Why and how?. Solenoid valves are typically easy to install and are used in applications utilizing pressure, flow, temperature and level switches. They can also be controlled by PLC units that only output a single control signal
  • Measuring out fluids microdrop by microdrop
    , a 3/2-way valve, can be integrated with a compensated flow sensor to deliver nanoliter quantities of fluid with +-1% accuracy and 20 msec response times. The compensated sensor measures flow rates up to 5.5 l/sec with an accuracy better than 2% of the flow rate over a 20 to 50 C temperature range
  • MICRO:Top 40 - Page 2 (Nov '00)
    materials as needed. The valve opens rapidly, providing high sensitivity to changing pressure. A stainless-steel control spring does not contact the liquid. Relief or back pressure is adjustable between 5 and 100 psi, and maximum flow is 200 gal/min. Designed for wafer cleaning and thinning applications
  • MICRO: Critical Materials?Chemicals
    condition in a 20-wafer-per-hour process can cause an IC manufacturer processing wafers valued at $2500 each to lose $1,200,000 per day in revenues. Abnormal flow conditions can have a variety of causes, including pump, filter, and valve or valve control issues; facilities difficulties; or human
  • Interphex Stands Test of Time (and Economy)
    By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor Budzar offers custom-built heat transfer systems specific to pharma, whether temperature control modules, low temperature chillers, biowaste systems, process skid packages, or a portable vessel heating/cooling system. Each custom unit or system design includes approval
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Ultrasonic welding systems for thermoplastics use fully digital signal processing to maintain consistent performance independent of component aging or temperature fluctuations. Unlike previous analog systems, the Dynamic-series welders from use computer numeric control to produce repeatable welds
  • Controlling high-performance electrohydraulics
    . For instance, a motion controller cannot make a closed-loop system move or accelerate faster than a comparable open-loop system, but it can be more accurate and reliable. Open loop, the most basic form of control, requires no gain tuning. Users only send a signal to the valve to move the cylinder
  • Energy-stingy coolers
    by a Linux-based controller correlates instantaneous water-evaporation and water-application rates to deliver the proper amount. ), communicates with Opto 22 I/O modules to implement cooling strategies. Besides reading I/Os, aggregating data, and controlling the valve that wets the media, the controls