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  • Temperature Profiling a Coffee Roasting Cycle
    CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the temperature profiling solution to a coffee brewer who makes his own product from his home to sell at local shops and through his website's store. First the beans are emptied into the roaster, and then raised to temperatures up to 204°C (400°F). The brewer
  • Inconel 718 Low Cycle Fatigue (.pdf)
    The threat of low cycle fatigue (LCF) failure greatly increases the cost of inspection, maintenance, and operation of turbine engines. Surface enhancement, or the introduction of a layer of compressive residual stress, is one of the few practical and affordable ways of improving the LCF performance
  • Operating Cycle Analyses of Different Refrigeration Systems Using Infrared Thermography
    Thermography is a very useful tool to study the thermal effects of operating equipment. This case study focuses on heat pumps in refrigeration systems without moving parts, highlighting the operation cycle from start through achieving steady performance, easily revealed through infrared
  • Temperature Measurement Circuits for Embedded Applications
    Temperature Detectors (RTDs), thermistors and silicon integrated circuit temperature sensors. The attributes of each temperature sensor and the advantages of analog, frequency, ramp rate, duty cycle, serial and logic output solutions will be discussed. An analog output thermocouple circuit
  • Influence of Temperature on Electrical Conductivity of Diluted Aqueous Solutions
    As conductivity is temperature dependent, all values reported in the major cycle chemistry guidelines are specified for a standard temperature of 25 °C. For this reason, most current conductivity monitors have an integrated temperature sensor and offer algorithms to convert measured values
  • Booklet available: Temperature Control By Means of Fluid Media
    ; System cleaner for heat transfer installations using thermal oil. Practice: The use of temperature control units in injection molds; Fluid temperature control in thermoset processing; The use of layered temperature control channels to improve control, quality and cycle times in injection molds; CAE
  • Temperature Monitoring Seed Corn in Drying Silos
    Producing good seed corn takes much more effort than just planting and harvesting. Agricultural producers need to record and view both time and temperature during their product's drying cycle. If the seed corn hasn't been dried enough, it can easily mold and be ruined, but if the product is dried
  • Advances in pH Measurement in High-Temperature Biotech Processes
    resistance at temperatures as high as 145 o C. B and C sensors were supplied by manufacturers of existing steam sterilizable equipment. All the glass electrodes went through steam sterilization cycles of 30 minutes at 130 o C. After each steam sterilization cycle, the dc resistance of the glass

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  • Closed Power Cycles
    The metal liquids are suitable for creating high- temperature cycles positioned above a steam cycle.
  • Solder Joint Reliability Assessment
    These industry-defined research-based problems related to solder joint reliability assessment include solder reflow cooling, temperature cycling , and mechanical fatigue of a test assembly with BGA solder joints, JEDEC board-level drop test, and shear fatigue of reflowed solder specimen.
  • Hydrogen Production from Nuclear Energy
    Six low- temperature cycles ( 450À700 C ) and their sustainability were assessed by Dincer and Balta (2011), especially for nuclear applications.
  • Superalloys
    No method has been developed for evaluating CPR under the load- temperature cycle that components experience in power plant applications.
  • Micro- and Opto-Electronic Materials and Structures: Physics, Mechanics, Design, Reliability, Packaging
    Thermal Stress Due to Temperature Cycling .
  • Lead-free Electronics
    Thermal cycling is accomplished by two means: “ Temperature Cycling (TC)” in which the temperature conditions are fully controlled during the test, and in particular the solder joints are subjected to a moderate cooling or heating rates (1O”C/min.) between the temperature …
  • Circadian Physiology
    For simpler applications requiring a cycle of ambient temperature, a small timer-controlled heater inside a cabinet kept in an air-conditioned room may provide an adequate daily tem- perature cycle at a fraction of the cost of an environmental chamber.
  • Environmental Stress Screening—Its Quantification