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  • Gauge Configurations for High Temperature Applications (.pdf)
    140° F is the maximum recommended ambient media temperature for NOSHOK pressure gauges with brass wetted parts, and 212° F for gauges with stainless steel wetted parts. For applications in which media reaches temperatures above 212° F, NOSHOK offers several accessories designed to prevent damage
  • Gauge Your Level Instrumentation Options
    Schnake, pressure products business manager, Honeywell (Phoenix). "For a pressure transmitter diaphragm, this typically represents a 15 percent premium over stainless steel, " Invensys Foxboro's Rowe adds. The instrument also must tolerate temperature extremes encountered as part of any sterlize
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Travel is Slower Than Normal--Do I find the Problems with a Pressure Gauge or Flow Meter?
    The single, most common problem with a hydraulic system is that the actuator (cylinder or hydraulic motor) slows down progressively as the oil temperature increases. There seems to be some confusion as to whether the problem is related to pressure, or flow, so let's clear the matter up.
  • Three Process Conditions That Affect Accuracy And Performance Of Pressure Gauges (.pdf)
    This article outlines several factors influencing the accuracy of a pressure gauge, and offers solutions on how to manage those influences for maximum gauge performance. The technology used in today's pressure gauges has been around since the mid-eighteen hundreds, and the pressure gauge is still
  • Marketplace
    pressure test gauge features 0.05% F.S. accuracy, temperature-compensated accuracy from 0 to 50 C and other features. Approvals are pending for CSA instrinsically safe Class 1 Div. 1 ratings. Beta Calibrators Corp. Circle 278 The VEGAPULS 43 two-wire radar gauge with all wetted parts made of TFM 1600
  • Thermal Millboard - MWK-8208
    MWK-8208 is a high density, high tensile strength millboard composed of inorganic fibers and fillers bound with a small amount of organic binder. It is intended for high temperature, metal-clad applications such as exhaust, intake, and head gaskets with maximum continuous operating temperatures up
  • Multi-Stage Environmental Monitoring in the Workplace
    the ability to log temperature and humidity to gauge the effectiveness of their air conditioning control system.
  • How Heat Affects the Lap Shear Strength of Structural Adhesives
    then compared with a standard two component, room temperature curing epoxy. Lap shear stress is one of the most common stresses that a bonded joint faces during service, especially in structural bonding applications. The lap shear strength of an adhesive serves not only as a good gauge for an adhesive's

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