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  • Better Web Process Control Through Tension Sensing
    Accurate tension measurement and control can go a long way toward reducing the negative effects of process deviations on printed and converted materials in a continuous web process, particularly in cases where flexible, extensible substrates are being run. Physical inconsistencies of difficult
  • Measure Tension Variation Across a Web
    . The most durable dead-shaft idler roll with accurate tension-sensing capability is the TR Tension Roll transducer
  • Web Press Tension Measurement for Newspapers (.pdf)
    costly downtime and scrap. The solution began by DFE and the customer identifying the critical locations in the process where tension could be measured. The single best location for tension sensing in the print stations was then determined. With the large number of print stations to outfit in the press
  • Interfacial Tension
    In the broader sense, interfacial tension is defined as the work which must be expended to increase the size of the interface between two adjacent phases which do not mix completely with one another. In the narrower sense (and in this glossary) the term relates to the liquid/liquid and liquid/solid
  • What is the Difference Between Surface Free Energy and Surface Energy
    When it comes down to it, this is another purely semantic question much like the one we dealt with in another article comparing the terms "surface tension" and "surface energy." Surface free energy is free energy in a particular space - the surfaces of materials. Free energy, in its most

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