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  • Automotive Test Equipment for Electronic Control Units
    ADwin performs as automotive test equipment for the development of Electronic Control Units which is critical to the design of new vehicle models.
  • Simulation & Test Systems for Electronic Control Units
    In the automotive industry, the development of Electronic Control Units-ECUs-is critical in the manufacture of new vehicle models. In this brief example CAS DataLoggers shows how ECU test development can benefit from ADwin measurement and control systems.
  • Embedded Control Systems in C/C++: An Introduction for Software Developers Using MATLAB
    Embedded Control Systems in C/C++: An Introduction for Software Developers Using MATLAB. The author of this text illustrates how to implement control systems in your resource-limited embedded systems. Using C or C++, you will learn to design and test control systems to ensure a high level
  • ADwin Provides High-Speed Control of Hydraulic Test Stands
    ADwin provides real-time and high-speed control of hydraulic test stands which are commonly used for end-on-line testing and product R&D.
  • Measuring Distances in Test Rigs
    Every type of test rig today represents a complex interaction of mechatronic disciplines. These consist of the mechanical design and the complete software for the control of the test rig and measurement technology or sensors. The measurement technology itself always contributes significantly
  • Tensile Test on Rubber
    British Gaskets are a major manufacturer of gaskets, sealing products and mouldings. These are made from a variety of materials to suit a range of applications. British Gaskets required a test system to ensure the rubber and polymer materials Neoprene, Viton, EPDM and Silicone meet their quality
  • Load Simulation For Test Bench
    When designing a test bench, Particle brakes made by Merobel TM provide an excellent solution, because of their ability to generate a torque load that is precise, variable and easy to control - at a reasonable cost. With reproducible and accurate torque fast response time, easy remote control
  • Test Automation and Remote Control using APIs
    controlling through multiple command-line based clients. The APIs allow easy integration with QualiSystems' TestShell and Labview software framework offering complete Lab Management, Device Provisioning and Test Automation solutions for engineers.
  • Abrasion test results/Lab Report
    of 30 degrees, (3) a mechanical. brake to control platform, and (4) a standard sandblast cabinet. Crushed walnut shell, AD-3B (-12+20 mesh) is. used as the blasting medium. Each 100 hour test is started with 50 pounds of new crushed shell and the same. abrasive when fresh is less abrasive after 100
  • Transmission Control Body EOL Function Test Success Story
    With the launch of a new generation of car transmission systems, the automotive industry required a state-of-the-art test technology for the implemented hydraulic mechatronic unit before it was attached to the gearbox.
  • Fully-Automated Monitoring of Engine Test Equipment
    Measurements taken of engine test equipment during the developmental phase are fully automated using a Delphin DAQ system for precision and control.
  • ADwin Test System Reduces Application Development Time
    An engineer uses an ADwin test system along with easy to use software to measure parameters in real-time & perform fast control, speeding up his application.
  • Using Noise for RF Receiver Built-In Test Applications
    Microwave thermal noise has long been employed for built-in test (BIT) of receivers and radiometers. Today's compact solid-state noise sources are broadband and extremely stable making them very useful signal sources for a variety of tests. What is not commonly known is how many different types
  • Universal Data Acquisition System Controls Hydraulic Pressure Test
    A Delphin data acquisition system used to monitor a hydraulic pressure test helps to optimize test procedures and increase quality control.
  • Aircraft and Rotorcraft System Identification: Engineering Methods with Flight-Test Examples
    Aircraft and Rotorcraft System Identification: Engineering Methods with Flight-Test Examples. Assuming knowledge of aeronautics, Laplace transforms, and flight dynamics and classical control, this text presents proven methods, practical guidelines, and real-world flight-test results for a wide

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  • Manufacturing Process and Equipment
    Therefore, in order to accurately simulate the aerodynamic heating of such aircraft, the rapid non-linear dynamic control of the heating process analyzed during aerodynamic simulation tests must be conducted using a fast and highly precise transient thermal test control system.