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  • Software in the driver's seat
    Modern instrumentation gets a lot of power from driver software that gives users easy access to test functions. A typical test setup in a modern lab has rack-mounted instruments running under driver routines that simplify the task of manipulating instrument functions, displaying results
  • How General Plastics' Tooling Foam Empowered Creation and Test of Prototype Missile Aeroshell Cover at Mach 4+ Speed
    for curing graphite laminates to the molds it machines in-house. The primary driver prompting its selection for this test aeroshell was low cost: The structure was 10' feet long and nearly 4' tall - and a one-time build. The application did not warrant the use of invar, steel, carbon or aluminum
  • Test Driving the 2009 Chevrolet Traverse FWD 1LT
    that mass-market pull. Like competing crossovers, the Traverse is too tall to be rightfully called a station wagon and less trucklike than Chevy's full-size SUVs. Still, this five-foot-four driver quickly discovered that
  • 2001 Aurora delivers luxury in a lean package
    the gated shifter is a poor substitute, it was a nice touch for automatic-only drivers like myself. Along with making shifting easier, it made the Aurora and its test driver feel sportier. A muscular exterior
  • Using IXP2400/2800 Development Tools: A Hands-on Approach to Network Processor Software Design
    Using IXP2400/2800 Development Tools: A Hands-on Approach to Network Processor Software Design. Showing you how to use these tools in a real-world project environment, this book addresses the specific concerns of the software architect, the high-level language programmer, the network driver
  • Society for Information Display New Products - March 2001
    companies estimated to be involved in OLED development to run systems with drivers designed specifically for OLED displays. These application specific standard product (ASSP) current drivers will enable OLED system designers to test and evaluate advanced prototypes of their systems in a variety
  • Software Overview
    The terminology and acronyms within the test and measurement software community can be overwhelming at first glance. For example, how do VXIplug&play, SCPI, CVI, LabVIEW, HP VEE, VISA, GUI and IVI relate to one another? What does an instrument driver do? How does it differ from a VXIplug&play
  • The Highest IQ: Acura RL
    to display traffic-flow information to the driver. Red indicates slow, possibly stopped traffic. Yellow is slow moving. And green is flowing normally. The Acura RL could safely show off its adaptive cruise-control system when working with the test rig. The system keeps the car at a one of three

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