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  • Anatomy of a Test Socket
    This presentation focuses on the components and construction of Burn-in and Test Sockets from concept through assembly to help educate those in associated industries who may lack an appreciation for all the steps and intricacies necessary to manufacture a Burn-in or Test Socket
  • Spring Pin Socket User Manual
    SS-BGA sockets provide high bandwidth in a small, cost effective ZIF socket for prototype, test and burn-in applications. SS-BGA socket is a simple, mechanical socket based on spring pin technology. SS-BGA socket is a solder-less socket that can be mounted on to a PCB using supplied hardware
  • Socket-Adapter Systems: A Practical Test Alternative (.pdf)
    Traditional one-piece, clam¬shell-design test sockets are useful diagnostic tools for establishing or evaluating device functionality. However, they tend to be less satisfactory for validating fine-pitch packages such as ball grid ar¬ray (BGA) and land grid array (LGA), which are gaining popularity
  • BGA Socket Adapter System Provides Reliable Test Equipment Connection for Engine Performance Analysis (.pdf)
    A major electronics test equipment manufacturer developed a new engine control unit test board to calibrate embedded semiconductor automotive engine control devices. These automotive engine control devices are critical to the power train performance of the vehicle and must be accurately calibrated
  • Tough Enough
    engineering plastic used in semiconductor processing equipment. Carbon fibers (CF) improve dimensional stability, especially in crystalline polymers suck as PEEK. Dimensional change at saturation for various back-end test-socket materials. Celazole PBI will work continuously to 600 F and even
  • Computer Power User Article - ASUS SK8N
    2004 CPU Special Issue Page(s) 94-96 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Layout: ATX (Socket 940) Chipset: NVIDIA nForce3 Pro-150 We've seen the SK8N more than once since AMD broke free of its death grip on the Athlon XP series. Although the SK8N was one of the first boards on the FX scene
  • Computer Power User Article - A Cool, Dry Place
    September 2006 Vol.6 Issue 9 Page(s) 17-21 in print issue Add To My Personal Library We Put Six Waterless Chip Coolers To The Test Whenever Intel or AMD launch a new platform, early adopters, aka power users such as yourselves, typically flock to the new hardware and immediately begin to tweak
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    on marketing. IC-packaging and test subcontractors appear to be in the best financial shape in recent memory and are chanting the famous line in the movie classic Network: "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore! " Hot products: 10-GHz BGA socket, automotive MCU Among the hottest

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  • IC Component Sockets
    TABLE 1.1 Classification of IC Component Sockets Classification Category By function Types of IC Component Sockets Burn-in sockets Test sockets Production sockets T hrough-hole sockets Surface-mounted sockets Metallic socket Elastomer socket Single-point contact Multipoint contact One-piece …