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  • Thermal Engineering Analysis with Maple
    Learn how Maple can be applied to thermal engineering analysis, assisting in applications such as: - Modeling the heat flows across a vapor-compression refrigeration cycle. - Simulating a lumped parameter model of a heat exchanger. - Calculating the heat changes necessary to condition air
  • MICRO: Thermal Processing
    materials are baked on using direct-contact hot plates and cured in batch furnaces. However, the potential for thermal shock during the baking cycle makes control of the process difficult. Baking in direct-contact systems also may cause film cracking and particle generation, while conventional
  • Operating Cycle Analyses of Different Refrigeration Systems Using Infrared Thermography
    Thermography is a very useful tool to study the thermal effects of operating equipment. This case study focuses on heat pumps in refrigeration systems without moving parts, highlighting the operation cycle from start through achieving steady performance, easily revealed through infrared
  • Electrohydraulic Controls Boost Thermal Drilling
    Melting holes is sometimes a better option than drilling them. Thermal drilling relies on friction from a carbide bit to melt and extrude metal and form a hole. The process leaves a thicker lip around the edges of holes than with conventional drilling, providing more metal for stronger welds
  • What designers should know about Thermal Analysis
    but the chip surrounded by a thermal-resistance layer runs hotter. Reflector and light bulb are exposed to vacuum. The yellow side of housing is exposed to air. The blue side is exposed to vacuum. The arrow points to a sensor in a coffee pot. Coffee temperature oscillates as the heater (not shown) cycles
  • Revised Duty Cycle Calculations Using the Four-Parameter Thermal Model
    High-performance motion control demands compact and economical servomotors. Fortunately, because most servo applications only intermittently demand maximum continuous-torque motor output, a smaller motor that occasionally outputs peak torque is usually sufficient.
  • Low Cost Per Cycle Silicone Press Pad with Predictable Service Life (Press Pads for Flex and Rigid Flex PCB Lamination)
    Silicone based press pads provide uniform pressure and temperature during flex and flex-rigid printed circuit board (PCB) lamination. Customer surveys show that cost per cycle, pressure uniformity, surface smoothness with low tack, thermal stability, and thermal uniformity are key properties
  • Improved Quality, Reduced Cost and Cycle Times (.pdf)
    Plasma spraying, a thermal spray technology, is a proven materials processing technique for producing coatings and freestanding parts using a plasma jet. The first plasma-spray gun was introduced in the early 1960s. By taking a fresh view at the design of a 40-year old product, Sulzer Metco

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