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  • Building construction - of the principle to detail
    Leakinesses lead to the vapor trap effect: the consequence is often that the enclosed vapor can't penetrate anymore out and leads to bulges to the outer sheet metal layer. The partial functions in the Einzelnen ( 30): • moistening protection: outer sheet metal skin • wind protection: outer sheet metal skin • heat insulation: polyurethane foam core • steaming … … skin Also by an insulating glass plate is it necessary for …
  • Don't Get Steamed
    The bellows thermostatic traps are susceptible to damage from fatigue or water hammer, and exposure to superheated steam can lead to overexpansion of the element, causing permanent damage. incorporate one or more strips or discs consisting of two compatible ," yet dissimilar ," metals with different thermal -expansion rates bonded together.
  • Over the galvanomagnetischen and thermomagnetischen effects in antimony and bismuth
    In all three traps girig therefore the Warniestrom aufwarts through the plate . A Vorversuch with the through the vapor and water current of generated temperature gradients showed daB provided … … other at the Mittelliriie of the plate; the other sounding positions of the thermo elements were held …
  • Evaluation of containment peak pressure and structural response for a large-break loss-of-coolant accident in a VVER-440/213 NPP
    The interconnections between the various cells were defined together with flow areas, flow contraction coefficients, and logic describingthe functioning of valves (such as the check valves leading to the air traps ) and rupture discs . Sources for steam and water addition to a cell such as those associated with coolant discharge from … … the primary system blowdown, the steam-air mixture contains entrained water droplets in thermal equilibrium with the …
  • WNSamples (\
    … infernal_N|1 quake_N|1 instigator_N|1 internee_N|1 alien_N|5 suspect_V|13 interpreter_N|2 bank_check_N|1 void_V|3 invalidator_N|1 hardwareman_N|1 janissary_N|1 jockey_N|3 disc _jockey_N|1 jumper_N|3 parachute_N|1 … … electromagnetism_N|1 electric_current_N|1 magnetize_V|3 electron_N|7 magnetic_dipole_moment_N|1 smuggler_N|3 weather_V|3 parhelion_N|1 at_once_R|4 evoked_potential_N|1 electroencephalogram_N|1 compressed_gas_N|1 increased_J|2 steam _N|7 lethal_J|3 concussion_N|1 … … coal_gas_N|1 gasification_N|1 globalization_N|2 osseous_J|1 shrub_N|2 hardening_N|1 concrete_N|6 hydrogenation_N|1 impregnation_N|2 preservative_J|2 saturation_N|1 ether_N|1 inactivation_N|2 thermal _J|3 serum_N|1 indweller_N|1 … … sag_N|1 plication_N|1 blouse_N|9 flexure_N|1 colon_N|3 shapeless_J|3 void_N|4 emptiness_N|1 vacuum_N|3 jungle_N|6 hollow_N|1 fork_N|5 crotch_N|1 trapped _J|1 miner_N|3 cleavage_N|1 …
  • Fluid Mechanics Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer: Chemical Engineering Practice
    … tube-fin) heat exchangers, 397, 398 plate-fin heat exchangers, 397, 413 plate heat exchangers, 271, 397, 403 Alfa disc plate and shell heat … … 408 soft plates, 408 thermal length, 405, 406 printed … … temperature systems, 228 Component trapping , 583 Compressibility factor, 5 … … 643 fog formation, 640 icing, 640 microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC), 644 scaling, 544 steam plumes, 640 Cooling …
  • Current messages
    The HeiBdampfreaktor (HDR) in the Kern@-schungszentrum Karlsruhe was extended a thermal power of 100 MW, a … By sicherheitstechnischen Blowdown-investigations, a fraction of the Hauptkuhlmittel line through blasting of bursting discs was simulated. Is important the fur remained out to obtain the nuclear safety necessary Funktionsfihigkeit of the nuclear power station in all traps from components like the vapor insulating valve and the feed water-jerk impact valve.