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  • Comparison of a WFPC2 Thermal Vacuum Globular Cluster-Mask Image to Wfpc1
    Right panel: Real image taken with the Wide Field/Planetary Camera-2 of a "globular duster " pinhole mask in the April 1993 WFPC2 Thermal Vacuum test at JPL (Pasadena, CA). The image is a 80 sec exposure through the F555W ( "V ") filter about 40x34 " on a side, and approximates closely what
  • Low Outgassing Accelerometers and Cables for Thermal Vacuum and Vibration Test Environments
    become impossible to remove the accelerometers. Sensors installed. for ground vibration testing may therefore remain on the structure even if they are no longer. needed for testing purposes. In any application involving a thermal vacuum environment care must be taken to select the. proper
  • What is a Thermal or Temperature Test?
    to purposely induce failures to determine weak points or latent defects. What is thermal vacuum testing?
  • Cryogenic Vacuum Insulation for Vessels and Piping
    Cryogenic vacuum insulation systems, with proper materials selection and execution, can offer the highest levels of thermal performance. Three areas of consideration are vital to achieve the optimum result: materials, representative test conditions, and engineering approach for the particular
  • Seaming Technique for Chemically Resistant, Reusable, Vacuum Bag Material
    excellent thermal stability, flexibility, conformability and release properties. However, in spite of these positive characteristics, aggressive resins will absorb into the silicone polymer matrix in the uncured state and, upon curing, the vacuum bag becomes brittle. Furthermore, this process results
  • What designers should know about Thermal Analysis
    but the chip surrounded by a thermal-resistance layer runs hotter. Reflector and light bulb are exposed to vacuum. The yellow side of housing is exposed to air. The blue side is exposed to vacuum. The arrow points to a sensor in a coffee pot. Coffee temperature oscillates as the heater (not shown) cycles
  • Beware Thermal Cycling in BioProcessing Part One
    and seat and are part of the basic design of the valve. They are dynamic seals and must retain leak-tight performance during and after both mechanical and thermal cycling. Stem seals are intended to prevent leaks into or out of containment. Leaks are driven by pressure and proceed from a high-pressure
  • The Effect of Mounting Technique on the Microstructure of Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) (.pdf)
    The characterization of a thermal barrier coating (TBC) using routine metallographic methods has has investigators uncertain as to the authenticity of the microstructure concerning porosity, cracking and other features. Mounting is a very important step in the process. A greater understanding
  • Medical Device Link .
    , however, either critical-point drying or a cold stage can be used to observe the sample. Nonconducting samples can be coated with a thin layer of carbon or precious metal in a thermal vacuum evaporator or plasma sputter-coater. Another type of scanning electron microscope, the environmental scanning
  • Thermal Response Characteristics of Marine Grade Radome Composites Designed for use on Spruance Class Naval Destroyers
    25.4 mm balsa wood panels (composed of smaller, bonded balsa wood blocks of varying density) with face sheets of E-glass/vinyl ester. The face sheets were processed onto the balsa wood surfaces using vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM). All radiometric measurements were taken with cooled
  • Medical Device Link .
    , NY; 718/646-7996) offers Rescor 914 as a substitute for Macor glass ceramic, alumina, and alumina silicate when larger sizes are needed. Temperatures may not exceed 1000 F. This ceramic is dense, vacuum-tight, inert to oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, and has low thermal conductivity
  • Void Reduction during Low Pressure Lamination of Electronic Assemblies
    Void content at the interface of the bonding adhesive and rigid substrate of an electronic assembly can affect critical performance metrics such as thermal transfer, bond strength, and stress decoupling which can ultimately lead to poor device reliability. In this paper, the contribution

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