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  • Measure Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) on Brake Discs
    Measuring the deformation of brake discs under load while braking is an ideal task for the optoNCDT 1700BL. Due to the short wavelength of the blue-violet laser used, the light emitted from the red-hot brake does not dazzle the sensor, as the 600-nm wavelength is a long way off the 405-nm wavelength
  • Wall thickness measurement for non-round ware
    The chromatic confocal measuring technique uses a. white light source. The white light is delivered from. the control unit to the probe via an optical fibre. With. no moving parts or electronics, the optical probe comprises. a series of lenses that expand the chromatic variation of the. light
  • Location of Defects in Pipelines Using Thermal Infrared Imagery (.pdf)
    Corrosion leads to degradation and mechanical decay of metallic materials. The thickness variation caused by corrosion in oil pipelines can change heat flow condition, resulting in fluctuation of surface temperature detectable by thermal infrared sensors. The current state-of-the-art in this field
  • Thermabond Application Notes -D002
    thickness of the bond. It is logical that increasing pressure will result in a greater bond strength and thinner bond line. However, while a greater bond strength is generally a positive result, variations in the bond line thickness are undesirable as they may negatively impact design criteria
  • Plastics Processing Applications: Textile Fiber Production
    and thickness. The key concern of the manufacturer is that the color of the fiber is uniform and consistent, with no visible variations in color. To ensure consistent color in the final product, resin/dye blending is increasingly performed gravimetrically by weight rather than by the less accurate
  • Performance Data - Clamping Force
    wear. Lever actuated guides are sensitive to board thickness and/or slot width variation (see Figure. 3) whereas screw actuated guides provide a constant force over a wider operating range.
  • A Microfluidic System for Biological Particle Enrichment Using Contactless Dielectrophoresis
    process. This variation in the surface can greatly. inhibit the removal of the cured mold from the stamp. Liquid PDMS used for the molding process was composed. of PDMS monomers and a curing agent in a 10:1 ratio. (Sylgrad 184; Dow Corning, Midland, MI). The mixture was. degassed in a vacuum for 15 min

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  • Rotors: Stress Analysis and Design
    That said, however, I would like to draw the reader’s attention to the authors’ theoretical treatment of disks whose thickness varies according to functions that lead to governing differential equations that could not previously be integrated in closed form.
    The goal of this thesis is to determine the impact of the manufacturing system variation on output thickness, and to predict the strip thickness variation prior to production.
  • Americam Society of Composites: 29th Technical Conference
    Furthermore, if the plate is subdivided into a number of annular section and the stiffness tensor and thickness vary in a piece-wise manner remaining constant within each section, an exact solution of the problem is possible.
  • Spatial Contact Problems in Geotechnics
    The necessity of taking into account the com- pressed layer thickness variation in the soil base calculation scheme often arises in practice when the underlying dense layer (e.g. rock) is inclined.