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  • Movement Toward Thinner Films
    The Movement Toward Thinner Films. By Todd Arndorfer. As consumer and industrial products continue to feature smaller, thinner and higher performing attributes, there has been a resulting shift in the coatings industry toward using thinner films and substrates
  • Why Thinner is Better for Magnetic Sheeting
    When evaluating magnetic sheeting, it has traditionally been known that the thicker the magnet, the stronger the attraction. But with advancing manufacturing technologies, thinner can be stronger, as proven by high-energy ThinFORCE TM printable magnetic sheeting.
  • Advanced Primary Battery Electrode Design: Adopting Expanded Metal Foils
    Advanced engineers looking to improve the performance of their primary batteries are increasingly exploring alternative manufacturing methods that produce thinner and lighter anode and cathode electrodes.
  • Low Power Consumption Fan 60 mm Sq. 10 mm Thick
    In recent years, a trend has emerged for devices in the LCD display, LED panel and other similar markets to be smaller and thinner, therefore there is a requirement for the fans equipped in such devices to be even smaller and thinner. Moreover, at the same time, the amount of heat produced
  • Innovative Foundry System Using Piezoelectric MEMS Technology
    Voltage and ferroelectric characteristics are important factors in determining the performance of piezoelectric MEMS. ROHM is focusing on developing a thinner lead zirconate titanate (PZT) material featuring superior voltage and ferroelectric properties.
  • Lessons from Heparin
    By Agnes Shanley, Paul Thomas and Michele Vaccarello Wagner with Emil Ciurczak This year, the world was riveted by coverage of the recall of several lots of the blood thinner, heparin. Not only were patient deaths connected to tainted heparin, but the case became the subject of Congressional
  • 4 Trends that Will Shape the Future of Events
    The world is changing fast and so is the way we run events. Just as chat-bots are shaping the way we interact with brands online, the line between reality and technology is getting thinner all the time. So what will this mean for the events of the future? What will they be like
  • Nondestructive Testing of Nonferrous Tubes, In Particular Copper Tubes
    with thinner and thinner walls are being used in order to reduce the quantity of material used and in order to cut costs. These more stringent requirements can be met only with eddy-current testers with rotating scanning probes.
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    ) HDTV display, a lighter and thinner rear-projection TV that uses reflective light valve technology. CableLabs copy-protection technology draws fire Hoping to defuse the long-running dispute over copy protection for digital content, the cable industry has submitted the final draft
  • Thermabond Application Notes -D002
    thickness of the bond. It is logical that increasing pressure will result in a greater bond strength and thinner bond line. However, while a greater bond strength is generally a positive result, variations in the bond line thickness are undesirable as they may negatively impact design criteria
  • Joining: Through Thick & Thin
    , into the bottom sheet without breaking through it. What's new is that, with a properly engineered system, SPR can produce high performance joints in diverse and thinner materials that are often used in today's applications.
  • High Repeatability Precision and Trueness of Au / Pd Coating Measurements on Leadframes
    As the electronics industry makes use of ever. thinner coatings, manufacturers increase their. demands on measuring technologies to provide. reliable parameters for product monitoring and. control. The coating system Au/Pd/Ni is frequently. used in the electroplating of leadframes, with CuFe2. (CDA
  • Au / Pd Coatings in the nm Range on Printed Circuit Boards
    As the electronics industry makes use of ever. thinner coatings, manufacturers increase their. demands on measuring technologies to provide. reliable parameters for product monitoring. One. example is the Au/Pd/Ni/Cu/printed circuit board. system with coating thicknesses for Au and Pd of. just
  • Precise and pulsation free feeding
    . As a result of steadily increasing quality standards and the demand for increasingly thinner films, gear pumps are being installed between extruders and tools. The function of the force-feed gear pump is less to increase the pressure more to precisely feed in the polymer melt.
  • Improving Si-PIN X-ray Detector Performance
    Si-PIN detectors by using thicker diodes and thinner beryllium windows. The increased performance enables faster sample times, improved sensitivity, and expanded range of photon detection.
  • The Influence of the PWB Fabrication Electrodeposition Process on Copper Erosion During Wave Soldering
    and reliability issues. As copper is washed off the PWB, the. exposed traces, annular rings, and barrel knees can become thinner or even nonexistent.