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  • Analysis of Con-Rod Big-End Bearing Lubrication on the Basis of Oil Supply Rate
    The electric circuit was connected to the crankshaft through a slip ring attached on the front end of the crankshaft and to the bearing by a lead wire.
  • Principles and Applications of Tribology 2nd Edition Complete Document
    When contacts are rubbing, as in the case of a copper commutator or copper slip rings against graphite-based brushes (Johnson and Moberly, 1978), the sparking damage on the copper commutator or slip ring can cause excessive wear of the brush by … In certain applications of bearings in electrical machinery, there is the possibility that an electric current will pass through a bearing.
  • IEEE Recommended Practice for Precision Centrifuge Testing of Linear Accelerometers - Redline
    … with  a  small  thermoelectric heater–cooler rather  than  a  thermal chamber,  with  resulting  decrease  in  the load on  the centrifuge  or  double centrifuge  bearings . Only  electric  power has to  be  brought  through   slip   rings   for  the  thermoelectric heater–cooler  and  the  article  under  test.
    On oneside, it should extend another 3" to allowmounting of the slip rings that will transfer electric powerto the rotors. On the other, after passing through the bearing , the shaft should extend another foot to allowfor coupling of the prototype to the testbed, probably via bearings and a keyed gear, as it is expected that the dynamometer available .
  • wire equipment - offers from wire equipment manufacturers, suppliers, exporters & wholesalers
    [ Related Keywords : rotary slip ring , through bore electrical slip ] 12 Ton Lifting Equipment / Monorail Electric Wire Rope Hoist For ...
    An electro‐magnetic wave is also generated by the rotating propeller modulating the electric field around it due … The ELF electro‐magnetic field can be alleviated with a passive shaft‐grounding system using a brush/ slip ring combination to connect the shaft to the hull (and provide a lower impedance path than that through the bearings and the seal) for the current …
  • Fabrication of vestibular simulator to study vestibular functions in sailors
    For the transfer of Micro-bio- electric potential from the rotating structure to the recorder, a slip ring assembly of 22 contacts is provided at the pivot bearing . The elec- tric supply for the turnable motor is also taken through a different slip ring assembly.
    The mill is especially designed for dry grinding, having 23-in. diameter main bearings which are water … The mill counter- shaft is driven from a 60-horsepower slip ring , 685r. p. m. full load speed General Electric motor through a Link-Belt silent chain drive.