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    Rolling Mills - (71 companies)
    ...feet per minute (fpm), total column area, and estimated floor space. Rolling mills include both small, manually-operated bench top systems and large, powered machines. They are used in the production of bars, rods, wire rods, bands, hoops, metal...
    Tube Mills and Pipe Mills - (18 companies)
    These products are fabricated in tube and pipe mills via welding or seamless technology, depending on the operational requirements. Raw materials are formed into solid round bars known as billets or rectangular steel slabs known as skelps...
  • Carbon Steels and Alloy Steels-Image
    Carbon Steels and Alloy Steels - (1005 companies)
    Carbon steels are steels in which the main alloying additive is carbon. Alloy steels are steels alloyed with other metals or materials in addition to carbon to improve properties. How to Select Carbon Steels and Alloy Steels. Carbon steels...
  • Tool Steels-Image
    Tool Steels - (185 companies)
    Tool steels are wear resistant ferrous alloys based on iron and carbon with high levels of alloying elements such as chromium, molybdenum, tungsten and vanadium. How to Select Tool Steels. Tool steels are wear-resistant, ferrous alloys based on iron...
    Pry Bars - (26 companies)
    Pry bars, also known as crowbars or pinch bars, are hand tools constructed of steel which are used to remove nails and pry apart building materials in demolition and construction applications. Pry bars have an angled flattened end, sometimes forked...
    Stainless Steel Alloys - (789 companies)
    Stainless steels are steels that contain a minimum of 10% chromium and are more resistant to corrosion than normal steels. How to Select Stainless Steel Alloys. Stainless steels are steels that contain a minimum of 10% chromium and are more...
    Face Mills - (100 companies)
    Face mills are primarily used for milling a face on the surface of a plate or bar. They are predominantly used to cut with the ends of the cutter rather than their sides. The term "face" refers to the creation of a flat face on the workpiece. Face...
    Thread Rolling Machines - (34 companies)
    ...applications that require linear motion. The machine tools used for thread rolling aluminum are similar for those used to thread roll steel and brass. Thread rolling machines allow for a much faster process than tapping or threading. In addition, thread rolling...
    Metal Rod and Bar Stock - (1046 companies)
    How to Select Metal Rod and Bar Stock. Metal rod and bar stock are metals and alloys in the form of round bars or rod, square bars, rectangular or flat bars, hexagons, and other bar stock shapes. How Are Metal Rods and Bars Made?. Metal shapes can...
    Grounding Bars and Rods - (84 companies)
    Grounding bars and grounding rods are electrical connections that divert undesirable current in order to protect humans and equipment. Typically, they are made of cold-drawn or galvanized steel and plated with copper. Grounding bars and rods provide...

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  • Thermomechanically treated type 18-10 steels: Structure, properties, and corrosion resistance
    In the light of the laboratory results, specimens of 08KhI8N10T steel (heat 3) were test- rolled as specified for TMT under the commercial conditions obtaining at the Krasny Oktyabr Works. .... More specifically, bars 20 and 32 mm thick were subjected to TMT with a reduction of about .... The variables of test-rolling on a 1700 rolling mill are given in Table 4.
  • Microstructures and High-Temperature Mechanical Properties of a Martensitic Heat-Resistant Stainless Steel 403Nb Processed by Thermo-Mechanical Treatment
    The chemical composition of 403Nb steel is shown in Table I. TMT of martensitic steel usually involves austeniza- tion at elevated temperature, warm or hot rolling in metastable austenitic phase … temperature,[14] so the TMT of 403Nb steel in this study was … to a thickness of 30 mm by removing both sides of the alloy bar and then austenized .... The rolling process was finally conducted on a two-roll mill at a total reduction ratio of…
  • Pinch Roller Failure Analysis and Resulting Enhancement of Rebar Mechanical Properties
    Thermomechanically treated ( TMT ) rebars are appropriate for use in reinforced concrete structures on account of their similar .... The steel manufacturing industry has successfully developed a corrosion-resistant variety of rebars for use in the .... Rebars are hot- rolled from steel billets and subjected to inline thermomechanical treatment in three successive stages [2]: (1) Quenching: the hot-rolled bar leaving the final mill stand is rapidly quenched by a special water spray system.
  • Thermomechanical treatment of thick-walled pieces of steels 38KhS, 30KhGSA, and 30KhGSN2A
    After annealing, the bars were quenched from the standard temperature for each steel . .... It was found experimentally that a structure of low-temper martensite with HRC =47-52 evenly dis- tributed through the section of the piece results from all TMT with use of rotary rolling . .... In the case of TlVIT in the 325 mill the piece must be held in the cooling…
  • Wear of Laying Head Pipes in a Wire Rod Mill
    …on the premature wear of a ‘‘Laying Head Pipe’’ in a Wire Rod Mill has been pre .... The hot- rolled wire rods subsequent to finish rolling pass through the ‘‘Laying Head Pipe’’ which rotates .... A worn-out pipe and a thermo- mechanically treated ( TMT ) re- bar have been analyzed. .... The material of the pipe is ASTM A335-P5 grade of seamless alloy steel pipe used for…
  • Microstructure-Related Properties of Some Novel Reinforcement Bar Steel
    The steel for reinforcing bar was produced in a 250 T twin hearth furnace, and cast as 9000 kg ingots. .... The ingots were rolled to 325 9 325 mm blooms and then to billets of size 105 .... The processing of billets to TMT rebar of diameter 32 mm was done in a continuous bar mill having roughing, intermediate, and finishing stands followed by a cooling unit.
  • Thermomechanical Treatment of Aging Aluminum Alloys
    …Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute headed by M. M. Shteinberg investigated thermomechanical treatment of various steels and alloys including … sub- jected both to high-temperature (HT) and low-temperature (LT) thermomechanical treatment ( TMT ) due to their .... Deformation by the TMT scheme was implemented by rolling at a temperature 20 – 500°C with 15 – 30% reduction per one pass in a mill with heated rolls in order to avoid cool- ing of the bars .
  • Soviet progress in thermomechanical treatment of metals
    Property im- provements are reported on strip material of low alloy steels 50KhGA (AISI 5147) and 60S2F (AISI 9260+V) with HTTMT performed in the laboratory and on a full scale mill . .... A relatively simple apparatus (Fig. 15) was developed to process long rods of 60S2 steel by HTTMT using in- duction heating followed by helical rolling and spray quenching.166This arrangement can … diam for use as shafts, torsion bars and coil springs. .... The Soviet effort on the TMT of bearing steels has been restricted mainly to the ShKhI5SG grade…
  • Effect of Alloying Elements on Tensile Properties, Microstructure, and Corrosion Resistance of Reinforcing Bar Steel
    High strength reinforcing steel bars (rebar) (yield stress: 420 MPa min), produced by in-line quenching thermomechan- ical treatment ( TMT ) process, are the backbone for general construction, and are used in combination with cement concrete for reinforced cement concrete (RCC) structures (Ref .... The TMT process for rebars involves rolling billets in a continuous mill comprising roughing, intermediate, and finish- ing stands.
  • Effect of oxide species and thermomechanical treatments on the strength properties of mechanically alloyed Fe-17%Cr ferritic ODS materials
    The materials used in this research are produced by an MA followed by the TMT process. .... 100 mesh and Y203,ZrO2and MgO powders were mechanically alloyed using a high energy attrition ball mill . .... The mill charge was about lkg of alloying powders with 15 kg steel balls of 9.5 .... ~ The mechanically alloyed powders were packed into a mild steel tube, hot-extruded to a bar (diameter: 30 mm) at temperatures from 1123 to 1323 K and hot- rolled into a plate (thickness: 7.0ram) at temperatures from 1123 to .