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  • Development of the Modern Day Chain
    in the late 15th century, show examples of what looks incredibly like leaf chain, and even inverted tooth chain, although it is not known whether any of these were ever crafted.
  • Improved Glass Conveyor Chain for Higher Productivity
    For many years, Inverted tooth chain, also known as silent chain, has been used to transport glassware in both hot end and cold end applications. Providing a stable, flat and smooth, heat resistant surface, such chains are available in many different designs and sizes. Operators and designers
  • Ramsey Silent Chain Opens The Doors To The Universe
    , and matching 21 tooth and 42 tooth RPV silent chain sprockets.
  • Glass Worldwide -- Improving Conveyor Chain Life (.pdf)
    In most bottle production environments, standard inverted tooth conveying chains perform admirably and can deliver years of trouble-free service. However, in some situations, conveying chains can be exposed to conditions that create unsual wear, disrupt bottle transport, and lead to premature chain
  • Wear Resisitant Glass Bottle Conveying Chains (.pdf)
    For many years, silent chain, also known as inverted tooth chain, has been used to transport glassware in both hot-end and cold-end applications. Providing a flat, stable, smooth, and heat resistant surface, such chains are available in many "standard" styles and sizes. In most production
  • Synchronous Belts
    Potential for slip in conventional belts prevents their use where input and output shafts must be synchronized. Synchronous belts, often referred to as timing belts, were developed to overcome this limitation. They have a toothed profile that mates with corresponding grooves in the pulleys, thereby
  • Ins and Outs Of Outsourcing
    On numerous occasions throughout my career, I have fought tooth and nail to prevent jobs leaving this country ( "Outsourcing, like a brutal beating, is good for you, " April 1). I've argued with union members that they must be more productive to compete against lower-wage overseas workers, and I've

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