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  • Understand, Maintain and Service Your Torque Wrench
    A torque wrench is a precision tool and should be treated and maintained like a measuring instrument. A torque wrench must be properly calibrated and maintained on a preventative maintenance and calibration schedule
  • An Open End Torque Wrench Opens the Door to Enhanced Quality and Control
    Anyone who has worked on a car's brake lines has confronted the problem of needing a tight, reliable seal between the fittings that tie the line to the rest of the brake system. These need to hold fluid through the stresses of daily driving. After all, a leak that lets air into the line means brake
  • Learn the Basics of Torque Wrenches
    The torque wrench's main purpose: to tighten a bolt or nut with the correct amount of torque while avoiding over-tightening.
  • The Selection and Use of Torque Wrenches (.pdf)
    In this second of a series of articles on torque, we will consider the different types of torque wrench and discuss how to select the correct wrench for your application. Also, how to use and look after your torque wrench and the benefits of using it correctly to save money and time.
  • The Checking and Calibration of Torque Wrenches (.pdf)
    In this article we will look in more detail at the ways of testing the performance of hand held torque wrenches. Starting with a reminder about the different types of torque wrench, the article will explain the difference between checking and calibration and the stages of calibration including
  • How the Best Preset Torque Wrenches Make Assembly Lines More Productive
    Finding the right torque wrench for an assembly makes the process more efficient. For one, choosing the right torque wrench can improve production times. By selecting preset wrenches over adjustable wrenches, manufacturers can eliminate the time spent adjusting, checking, or resetting torque values
  • Cutting tools and holders last longer when you...Torque it right!
    We recommend using a tightening fixture and torque wrench to make sure cutting tools and retention knobs are properly tightened. Over-tightening can distort or even crack collets, causing runout problems and premature failure of the collet, nut, tool holder and cutting tool.
  • Getting the Best Out of Your Torque Tester - Part Two (.pdf)
    In an ideal world every torque device would have a range from zero to infinity. In the real world there are many reasons why torque wrenches and screwdrivers have a limited capacity. The ability of the spring to work in a linear way is one limit. The weight of the wrench at low torques is another

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