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  • Design Considerations: Enabling Touch Key Capability
    Capacitive touch switch sensitivity and anti-noise performance are influenced by many factors such as electrode shape and size, wire routing, patterns surrounding the electrode, overlay panel thickness, inclusion of air gap, and more. All of these factors must be taken into consideration when
  • New touch sensor uses trapped acoustic resonance technology to monitor contacts
    resonance and monitors its decay. * A thicker substrate in the ActiveTouch switch reduces the possibility of damage due to vandalism. How capacitive sensors work: touch ( Touch-sensitive devices have become common in cell phones, industrial touch panels, and appliances. These devices typically use
  • Capacitive Touch Sense Solutions
    A touch-sensitive switch is a switch that is implemented as a trace on a printed circuit board. The architecture of the trace creates a capacitive element on the board. Touching this trace with your finger creates a change in capacitance, which is detectable using a variety of techniques
  • Switch Contacts
    Mass-produced switch contacts have an rms roughness ranging from 0.5 to 1 10 in. These "smooth " surfaces, in reality, comprise microscopic peaks and valleys. As a result, two mating contacts touch only at the surface peaks or asperities. Contact force between the two surfaces plastically flattens
  • Wired 8.09: Bright Switch
    that looked, as he describes them, like "micron layers of Lincoln logs, orthogonal to one another, and joined where they touch. " To Joannopoulos' delight, the spaces between the bars interacted with laser light in just the way he predicted. Still, this was merely a proof of concept. The designs
  • Mechanical Switches
    of contacts or returns to the original position. Mechanical-bail switches have separate switching assemblies, which are interlocked so that actuation of one switch deactivates another. A capacitive touch switch consists of two conductive layers on opposite sides of an insulating material such as glass
  • Eliminated the Need for the Intermediate Actuator by Replacing Proximity Sensors
    How to detect workpieces made from various kinds of materials without installing an intermediate actuator onto a proximity sensor? By replacing it with Metrol "High-precision Positioning Switch" which directly touch the workpieces, reliable detection as well as cost reduction and space saving can
  • Sensor Sense: Capacitive Slide Sensors
    Sensor Sense: Capacitive Slide Sensors In the last Sensor Sense we looked at capacitive touch switches used for on/off control. But these switches are also found in capacitive touch sliders that can control various levels, such as volume and light, or act as a rotary selector switch for channels

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