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  • Touch Screen Displays-Image
    Touch Screen Displays - (448 companies)
    ...that uses an external touch screen controller and a software driver to interface with a PC system. Types of Touch Screen Displays. There are five basic types of touch screen displays: resistive, capacitive, infrared, surface acoustic wave (SAW) and strain...
    Screens - (126 companies)
    Screens consist of a surface with openings of specific sizes. They may be made in many ways, including perforating a sheet, weaving metal wire or synthetic fibers or electroforming. Among other uses, screens are commonly used to provide open...
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    Touch Screen Sensors - (91 companies)
    ...sensors can be attached to computers and handheld devices. Touch screen technology is used by banks in the form of automatic teller machines (ATMs). Types. There are several basic types of touch screen sensors. Examples include: capacitive glass touch...
    Touch Screen Controllers - (48 companies)
    ...screen controllers. Touch screen controllers are used with several one or more types of touch screen sensors. Examples include capacitive touch screen sensors and resistive touch screen sensors. Complete touch screen systems are also available...
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    Flat Panel Displays - (781 companies)
    ...a phosphor layer for each pixel. SEDs offer many of the advantages of traditional cathode ray tubes (CRTs), but in a flat-screen format. Features. FPDs differ in terms of display technology. Cholesteric liquid crystals (ChLCDs) use the pitch of the liquid...
    Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules - (531 companies)
    Liquid crystal display (LCD) modules are used at the component level in place of less efficient displays such as cathode ray tubes (CRTs). These modules do not include housing and must be incorporated into a larger instrument or system.
    Capacitive Linear Position Sensors - (38 companies)
    Capacitive linear position sensors are devices that sense position / displacement using capacitance technology. Capacitive linear position sensors measure position, displacement, vibration, and run out (thickness), primarily in a noncontact manner...
    Projection Screens - (91 companies)
    Projection screens are used to display images from overhead and video projectors. Projection screens include fixed frame screens, portable and folding screens, electric screens, rear projection, and manual wall and ceiling screens. A projection...
    Capacitive Proximity Sensors - (232 companies)
    Capacitive proximity sensors detect the presence or proximity of a target using capacitive technology. Capacitive proximity sensors use the face or surface of the sensor as one plate of a capacitor, and the surface of a conductive or dielectric...
    Bar Screens - (37 companies)
    How to Select Bar Screens. Bar screens are automated, mechanical systems that remove large solids from water streams. Objects include cans, rags, sticks, driftwood, and plastic packaging. How Do Bar Screens Work?. Bar screens generally operate...

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