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  • Transformer Theory
    A transformer is an energy transfer device. It has an input side (primary) and an output side (secondary). Electrical energy applied to the primary is converted to a magnetic field which in turn, induces a current in the secondary which carries energy to the load connected to the secondary
  • The Importance of Effective Transformer and Control Transformer Protection (.pdf)
    The importance of effective transformer and control transformer protection cannot be over emphasized. After motors, transformers are typically the second most common application where proper overcurrent protection is required and utilized to provide the necessary protection to facilities
  • Is the transformer heating normal?
    Occasionally, a customer calls to ask: Is the transformer he bought get a little hot during work?In fact, when toroidal transformer is running under load, the temperature will rise slowly. If the transformer is heated for a long time, the transformer is normal.
  • Current Transformer Overview
    A current transformers (CT) is a device that can detect a current through a wire passing through its center. This wire constitutes a one-turn primary for the transformer, and the winding on the CT constitutes the secondary of the transformer.
  • Advantages-of-Toroidal-Transformer
    A small transformer is less expensive to manufacture and reduces the your overall system cost by allowing chassis design. The transformer core, designed from a single strip of steel, will save cost by providing you the option of infinite configuration.
  • The Secrets of Transformer Cooling
    As our transformer fleet continues to age, caring for these units requires a high level of expertise. This is due to the level of complexity of the cooling systems and subsystems involved. In order to help you better understand how you can maintain your own systems, I will explain maintenance tips
  • Transformer Basics (.pdf)
    There is more than meets the eye in the insulation employed in transformers. Among the. design and construction considerations are temperature and voltage ratings. To those unfamiliar with transformer manufacturing, terms such as fish, kraft, natural fiber and gum might sound like the main
  • Current Transformer Measurements
    The Current Transformer (CT) is used to sense AC current in single-phase or three-phase mains circuits. The CT typically has a 1A or 5A AC secondary that connects to a current, power or energy meter. This allows the meter to be located away from the mains wiring. CTs are available in a variety

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