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  • Current Transformer Overview
    A current transformers (CT) is a device that can detect a current through a wire passing through its center. This wire constitutes a one-turn primary for the transformer, and the winding on the CT constitutes the secondary of the transformer.
  • Transformer Basics (.pdf)
    in the manufacture of layer-wound transformer coils. A layer-wound coil consists of single layers of wire separated by layers of insulation. Here, the insulation serves a dual purpose: it is a support platform for the wire and electrical isolation from parts having opposite polarity and other conductive materials
  • Current Transformer Application Note and Wire Length Chart
    Current transfomers are specified by size (VA rating), ratio and accuracy. The VA rating determines the maximum secondary impedance. (lead+terminal+meter impedance) that can be driven at the stated accuracy. Metering CTs are specified for a 0.9 power factor at 60Hz. Relaying CTs are specified at a
  • Transformer Sizing - Line Voltage and Low Voltage Power Installations
    Industrial electric actuators powered by line voltage (120vac or 230vac) are effectively the standard power option chosen. Wire size, loads, and wire runs can all be readily addressed by installers. Typically, to comply with electrical codes and probably local norms as well, most wiring
  • Caging Transformer: EMI Still An Important Design Issue (.pdf)
    . Fortunately, emissions from transformers and power supplies can be reduced to acceptable levels. Electromagnetic radiation is produced in varying degrees by virtually every type of electrical and electronic component. Even wire and cable, though passive, can become active radiators
  • Application: Planar Transformers - Automotive, eCar
    An automotive manufacturer approached Standex-. Meder with the challenge to provide a reduction. in height of 50% from a traditional wire. wound transformer, and create a custom solution. that met their specifications.
  • The Terms "Neutral" and "Ground" Seem to be Used Interchangeably. Do They Mean the Same?
    A neutral is a connection to an electrical system. In a three-phase WYE configuration, one end of each of the three generator or transformer windings is connected to a common point. This common point is called the neutral connection. The single-phase three-wire system is the common arrangement used
  • Sizing a Motor CT
    Use this chart to select the CT rating for various motor sizes. This chart applies to three phase AC induction type, squirrel cage and wound rotor motors. Also see related article on Current Transformer Ratings and Wire Length Chart.
  • High Frequency - High Voltage Transformers (.doc)
    the requirement of higher voltage is added to the switcher the currents are reduced allowing the wire in the coils to become smaller, resulting in further opportunity to reduce the transformer's size while retaining an equivalent power rating.
  • The Complete Guide To Electrical Insulation Testing
    WHAT IS "Good" insulation? Every electric wire in your plant - whether it's in a motor, generator, cable, switch, transformer, etc. - is carefully covered with some form of electrical insulation. The wire itself is usually copper or aluminum, which is known to be a good conductor of the electric
  • Application: Planar Transformers for Military and Aerospace Applications
    space and weight savings are vital. Aside from their footprint, height, and weight, they also have the ideal power density for high frequency. applications. In general, they are better than. traditional wire-wound transformers for a given. power rating. Managing heat from components are key
  • MSilica Nanoparticles Treated by Cold Atmospheric-Pressure Plasmas Improve the Dielectric Performance of Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposites
    used to fill the electrode channels with. phosphate buffered saline, or PBS (GIBCO PBS pH 7.4,. Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA, USA). These pipette tips were. kept in place to serve as PBS reservoirs, and 20 gauge copper. wire electrodes were placed in these reservoirs. The. electrodes inserted in one

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