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  • Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes (TVS)-Image
    Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes (TVS) - (140 companies)
    Transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diodes are designed to limit over-voltages. They can dissipate high amounts of transient power in a short period of time. The sharp response of the diode's breakdown voltage acts as a means to quickly dissipate...
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  • Diodes-Image
    Diodes - (745 companies)
    Diodes are electronic components that conduct electric current in only one direction, functioning as a one-way valve. Diodes are manufactured using semiconductor materials such as silicon, germanium or selenium and are used as voltage regulators...
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  • Diode Arrays-Image
    Diode Arrays - (101 companies)
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  • RF Diodes-Image
    RF Diodes - (48 companies)
    Description. RF diodes are designed to handle high-power radio frequency (RF) signals in stereo amplifiers, radio transmitters, television monitors, and other RF or microwave devices. Types. PN junction diodes or general purpose diodes are designed...
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  • PIN Diodes-Image
    PIN Diodes - (71 companies)
    PIN diodes are three-layer semiconductor diodes consisting of an intrinsic layer separating heavily doped P and N layers. The charge stored in the intrinsic layer in conjunction with other diode parameters determines the resistance of the diode...
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    Varactor Diodes - (48 companies)
    Varactor diodes are p-n junction diodes that are designed to act as a voltage controlled capacitance when operated under reverse bias. Description. Varactor diodes are two-terminal electronic components that are designed to provide...
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    Zener Diodes - (144 companies)
    Zener diodes are PN junction devices that are designed to operate in the reverse-breakdown region. Description. Zener diodes are PN junction devices that are designed to operate in the reverse-breakdown region. The breakdown voltage (Vz) of Zener...
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    Schottky Diodes - (169 companies)
    Schottky diodes in their simplest form consist of a metal layer that contacts a semiconductor element. The metal / semiconductor junctions exhibit rectifying behavior (i.e., the current passes through the structure more readily with one polarity...
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    Tunnel Diodes - (19 companies)
    Tunnel diodes are heavily doped P-N diodes in which electron tunneling from the conduction band in the N-type material to the valence band in the P-type region produces a region of negative resistance. This negative-resistance region is the most...
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    High Voltage Diodes - (65 companies) devices such as stereo amplifiers, radio transmitters, television monitors, and other radio frequency or microwave devices. Transient voltage suppressor diodes (TVS) are semiconductors that limit over-voltages. Current limiting diodes (CLD) regulate...
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  • The method of determining characteristics of elements for over-voltage protection of low-voltage systems
    99 [5] Julian Foster: Ereakover diodes for transient suppresion , Electronic Engineering, August 1987.
  • Vdc takes on Vac [system control voltage selection]
    Surge Suppresion With hard contacts, they are needed to suppress transient electromagnetic interference (EMI). In dc control sys- tems, diode suppressors are normally used or required.
  • Optical Coherence Tomography
    … SDOCT systems, 71 Sodium lauryl sulphate, 1116 software, 926, 927 Solid-State Laser, 302 femtosecond lasers, 304 mode locking, 305 mode-locking techniques, 305 resonator design, 306 superluminescent diodes , 302 transition-metal ions … … Speckle Reduction, 411 Speckle suppresion image postprocessing technique, 143 … 28 Tooth, 1151–1155, 1157–1164 Topographic map, 17 Trachea, 1184, 1185, 1189, 1190, 1193 Transient absorption, 723 Transition …
  • Low Power RF Circuit Design in Standard CMOS Technology
    … Symposium (June 2008) (Armstrong and French 1992) Armstrong, G.A., French, W.D.: Suppresion of Parasitic Bipolar … … High Efficiency 13.56 MHz RFID Input Stage Voltage Multipliers Based On Ultra Low Power MOS Diodes . … Hyong et al. 2002) Yi, J.-H., et al.: Analytical model for a transient floating body voltage …
  • Monte Carlo simulation of gain compression effects in GRINSCH quantum well laser structures
    Yamada and Y. Suematsu, “Analysis of gain suppresion in undoped injection lasers,” J. Appl. Phys., vol. … Y. Lam, J. P. Loehr, and J. Singh, “Comparison of steady-state and transient characteristics of lattice … … M. P. Kesler and E. P. Ippen, “Subpicosecond gain dynamics in GaAlAs laser diodes ,” Appl. fhys …
  • Fiber Optic Link For Space Communication Application
    … operating point is determined by the bias level provided by a constant current source employing transient protection. The optical receiver utilizes an RCA avalanche photo diode (APD) model C309/IE, installed iato an SMA bulkhead … The suppresion of the resulting third order intermodulation (IM) products, i.e., (2f1 -f2) and (2f2 -f1 …
  • Integrated optical ring-resonator gyro using a silica planar lightwave circuit
    … phase variation of the backscattered light makes unwanted change in the detected current of the photo diode . Electrical gating hides the transient part of the phase and the intensity modulator. To achieve more good suppresion , it is necessary to let the b-PSK speed high.
  • A 100 ps gated x-ray spectrometer
    Careful selection and matching of avalanche transistors and diodes minimites the pulser jitter. NOVA operations provide a 7912 transient digitizer record of the gate pulse, the two PCDs, and a … … range: 1-4 keV crystal type: U P ,2d=26 A internal materials low2/ background fluorescence suppresion .
  • Stability analysis and performance characteristics of an open-loop PWM VAr compensator
    … power transistors remain inhibited and the capacitor voltage is charged through the antiparallel diodes of the transistors. Transient ResDQllSe. [2] D.E. Steeper and R.P. Stratford, "Reactive Compensation and Harmonic Suppresion for Industrial Power Systems …
  • Design and commissioning of the MAST neutral beam power supplies for the long pulse beam upgrade
    Suppresion - Grid 3 … dissipated in the local freewheeling path provided by one hundred and eighty IR85HF120 diodes connected in series. … electronic failures were experienced during early PINI commissioning due to high voltage fast transients from the breakdowns.