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    ...time period. Other methods include rotational viscometry and falling ball tests. Viscometers can have a few different technologies by which they operate. For rotational viscometry, torque is required to rotate a spindle at constant speed...
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    Air cylinders are pneumatic linear actuators that are driven by a pressure differential in the cylinder's chambers. They may be single-acting (with a spring return) or double-acting. Air cylinders are pneumatic linear actuators driven by pressure...
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    ...corrosive, and/or inert. Special care should be taken when dealing with compressed gas cylinders, such as an argon gas cylinder, to prevent falling and breaking and to ensure proper ventilation. Typically, a gas cylinder rack or gas cylinder cabinet...
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    Hydraulic cylinders are actuation devices that utilize pressurized hydraulic fluid to produce linear motion and force. Video detailing operating specifications. Video Credit: AgriSupplyHowTo / CC BY-SA 4.0. Stroke- The distance that the piston...
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    Fall Arrest Systems - (412 companies)
    Fall arrest systems prevent personnel from falling in construction sites, factories, etc. Image Credit: New Pig Corporation. Fall arrest systems prevent personnel from falling in construction sites, factories, and other industrial locations...
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    Graduated cylinders are tall, narrow cylinders that are open at the top and used to accurately measure the volume of an object or fluid. They are also known as measuring cylinders. How to Select Graduated Cylinders. Image Credit: Small Parts, Inc...
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    Rodless cylinders are linear devices that use pressurized fluid to move a load within many power transfer operations. Rodless cylinders are linear devices that use pressurized fluid to move a load within power transfer operations. A rodless cylinder...
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    Electrohydraulic cylinders are actuation devices that use pressurized hydraulic fluid to produce linear motion and force. A hydraulic pump is an integral part of the cylinder design. Electrohydraulic cylinders use a combination of fluid power...
    Cylindrical Lenses - (113 companies)
    Cylindrical lens have at least one surface that is formed in the shape of a cylinder. Cylindrical lenses are used to correct astigmatism in the eye, and, in rangefinders, to produce astigmatism, stretching a point of light into a line. This area...
    Cylindrical Roller Bearings - (294 companies)
    Cylindrical roller bearings have high radial-load capacity and moderate thrust loads. They contain rollers which are cylindrically-shaped, but crowned or end-relieved to reduce stress concentrations. Cylindrical roller bearings have high radial-load...

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  • Non-Newtonian behaviour of yeast suspensions
    Cairo University, Guiza, Cairo sity of studying rheological properties, transport phenom- ena and microbial behaviour simultaneously in order to elucidate their interaction. .... Before starting the measurements with yeast suspensions, the concentric cylinderviscometer was calibratedusing glycerol-water solutions of viscosities between 1.4 and 1,000 centipoises as mea- sured by a Hoppler falling sphere viscometer . .... fluid is placed in the annular space between a stationary and a rotating cylinder , the shear rate…
  • The effect of thermal degradation on the non-newtonian viscosity of an aqueous polyacrylamide solution
    Hence, consid- erable studies have been conducted to understand this drag-reduction phenomenon because of its engineering potential, particularly when a large quantity of fluid has been transported over a long distance. .... The steady-shear viscosity of the polya- crylamide solution was measured as a function of shear rate by a falling needle viscometer and the Brookfield viscometer (model DV-I, Brookfield Co. ). .... to circulate the temperature-controlled water into a water jacket surrounding the test cylinder of the falling…
  • Capping of Very Weak Dredged Materials in Confined Aquatic Disposal: Modelin g of Strength and Transport Behavior
    This rela- tionship is used for prediction of sediment transport under currents and wave action in riparian .... Another strength-dependent phenomenon of interest is the formation of mud waves when a sudden load is .... The devices em- ployed most commonly are viscometers and penetrometers. .... Prominent in use are the coaxial viscometer (consisting of concentric rotating cylinders with the sample material in .... Examples of penetrometers are the Swedish fall cone, the Automated Fall Cone Device (Zreik, 1994), the falling…
  • In-Situ Rheological Characterization of Drilling Mud
    …the annular gap between the drill pipe and the borehole wall for better transport of the drilling … also deeply affect the emulsion stability of oil-based muds.3 All these phenomena have a pro … and high pressures on all invert emulsion muds, and measured effective viscosity variations by a capillary viscometer . .... water-based clay suspen- sions as well as oil-based muds using a falling bob consistometer, and … 150°C͒ and pres- sures ͑from 69 to 1,034 bar͒ in a coaxial cylinder viscometer by Politte…
  • Shear-thinning and constant viscosity predictions for rotating sphere flows
    151, 69–88 (2008) Boger, D.V., Walters, K.: Rheological Phenomena in Focus. .... Elsevier, Amsterdam (1993) Chilcott, M., Rallison, J.: Creeping flow of dilute polymer solutions past cylinders and spheres. .... 29, 381–432 (1988) Donea, J.: Taylor–Galerkin method for convective transport problems. .... Springer, New York (1994) Hermes, R.: Measurement of the limiting viscosity with a rotating sphere viscometer . .... drop and drag calculations for strain-hardening fluids with mild shear-thinning: Contraction and falling sphere problems.
  • Applications of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging in process engineering
    December 77–83 [23] McCarthy M J and McCarthy K L 1994 Quantifying transport phenomena in food-processing with nuclear magnetic resonance imaging J. Sci. .... Stephens T S 1994 Shear-induced particle migration in Couette and parallel-plate viscometers —NMR imaging and … J H 1993 Direct observation of particle microstructure in concentrated suspensions during the falling -ball experiment J. .... A and Fukushima E 1994 NMR imaging studies of stratified flows in a horizontal rotating cylinder Phys.
    Kiem, S.R., "Fluid Resistance to Cylinders in Accelerated Motion," Proc. ASCE, J. Hydraul.Div., 82 .... Lennard-Jones, J.E., "The Equation of State of Gases and Critical Phenomena ," Physica, 4, pp .... Li, J., Y. Tung, and M. Kwauk, "Energy Transport and Regime Transition in Particle-Fluid Two-Phase .... Maude, A.D., "The End Effects in a Falling -Sphere Viscometer ," Br. J. Appl. Phys., 12, pp. 242-251, 1961.
  • Thermophysical properties of liquids at high pressures
    Macroscopic phenomena should be studied by means of micro- scopic treatments at the molecular level. .... The measuring cylinders are immersed in a liquid bath thermostati- cally controlled to within + 10 mK. .... Difficulties encountered in the measurements of transport properties under high pressure arise out of the following technical .... The viscosity of liquids has been measured by a falling cylinder viscometer , a falling-ball viscometer, and a torsionally vibrating-crystal method.
  • Advanced in Macrostatistical Hydrodynamics
    in which the detailed fluctuations of a falling bali's velocity indicate the noncontinuum nature of the suspension … performed in quiescent suspensions (in contrast to the use of conventional shear rotational viscometers ) in order to .... Many industrial processes include the transport of suspensions of solid particles in liquids, such as coal and .... concentric cylinders (similar to the geometry found in "cup and bob" or "Couette". .... However, additional phenomena .
  • Rheological Characterization of Fracturing Fluids by Using Laser Anemometry
    Thus, the power law model is incapable of describing more complex phenomena including concentration and wall effects .... The rheological study of these linear gels was conducted using coaxial cylinder viscometers and capillary viscometers. .... are pleased to acknowledge the contribution of A. Soucemarianadin (Dowell Schlumberger), who perfdrmed the falling sphere studies. .... Clark, P.E. and Quadir, I.A.: "Proppant Transport in Hydranlic Fractures: A Review ofParticle Settling Velocity…

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