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  • Mobile Electrification Systems-Image
    Mobile Electrification Systems - (61 companies)
    ...trolleys, and trains. Both indoor and outdoor mobile electrification systems are available. Most models include a sturdy rail and one or more conductors. In harsh environments, stainless steel caps are installed over the conductors and an attached air...
    System Type
    Crane Electrification System
  • Overhead Trolleys-Image
    Overhead Trolleys - (88 companies)
    Overhead trolleys are conveyors that consist of a continuous loop of chain or cable that is suspended from a track. Carriers are attached periodically to hang or contain products. There are several different types of overhead trolleys. Manual...
  • Material Handling Carts and Trucks-Image
    Material Handling Carts and Trucks - (1260 companies)
    ...premises. While the cart may be motorized it is not legal for on-road use, and may also require a finished surface (asphalt, laminate, etc.) for transit. They may also be referred to as pushcarts, trolleys, wagons, or drays; this does not include...
    Elevators, Escalators, and Moving Walkways - (135 companies)
    All three types of these people movers require extensive architectural and structural engineering support since they are heavy and need a stable base. Elevator shaft ways have to be strong and straight and are usually framed with girders or at least...
  • Wheels-Image
    Wheels - (367 companies)
    ...wheels. Applications. Industrial wheels are used in a variety of applications and industries. Products that are designed for heavy equipment such as earth movers, forklifts, trailers, moveable machinery, and motorized vehicles can support a variety...
    Differentials and Axles - (48 companies)
    ...weight. Designs such as these are available in lighter trucks, SUVs, and old passenger cars with rear-wheel drive. Configurations. The axles support numerous configurations, including: Drive: It is propelled by an engine or a prime mover. The product...
    Hoists - (897 companies)
    Industrial hoists are lifting and pulling devices that use a cable, rope, or chain to move or lift a load. Hoists are primarily used for vertical lifting, and usually have a feature for ceiling mounting such as a hook or trolley mount. | Gorbel Inc...
    Festoon Systems - (39 companies)
    Festoon systems are mobile supports for electrical cables or pneumatic lines that allow the cable to move with a hoist, trolley, or other mobile equipment without fouling. Festoon systems are mobile supports for electrical cables or pneumatic...
    Mining Wear Parts and Excavating Wear Parts - (81 companies)
    ...maintain, and upgrade machinery and equipment such as backhoes, bucket excavators, cable shovels, continuous miners, dippers, dozers, draglines, dredging machines, earth movers, excavators, hard rock mining machines, and loaders. Mining wear parts...
    Vacuum Manipulators - (53 companies)
    Vacuum manipulators include components for moving or positioning wafers or items in vacuum chambers or systems such as mounting devices, load locks, wobble sticks or wafer robots.

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