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  • Improved Allan variance real-time processing system to measure frequency tracking error of heterodyne optical phase-locked loops
    Timing and gating circuits. the counter, the data latch and the data buffer were constructed using commercial TTL logic ICs .
  • Photon timing OTDR: a multiphoton backscattered pulse approach
    Timing and gating circuits. the counter, the data latch and the data buffer were constructed using commercial TTL logic ICs .
  • Dynex Power, Inc
    SOS IC Logics Includes, a 16-bit parallel 54HSC Radiation Hard Error Detection and Correction circuit that is compatible with TTL or CMOS, which performs a 6-bit, check … … Radiation Hard High Speed CMOS/SOS Logic circuit has latch up and single event …
  • Digital Electronics: Principles Devices and Applications Complete Document
    IC Type number 7442 74138 74139 74145 74147 74148 74150 74151 74152 74153 74154 74155 74156 74157 74158 … … 74253 74256 74257 74258 74259 74298 74348 74353 74398 74399 4019 4028 40147 4511 4512 4514 Function Logic family TTL TTL TTL TTL TTL … … three-state multiplexer Dual four-input three-state multiplexer Dual four-bit addressable latch Quad two-input …
  • A real-time digital mixer IC
    data latches to provide access to blocks of logic that are difficult, if not impossi- ble, to control and observe fromthe I/O pins of the IC . The mixer IC has TTL -compatible inputsand outputs, and was designed to operate with,a5 volt power …
  • New Products Design
    Called Prosecutor, the optional software automatically generates functional test vectors for CMOS, TTL , and ECL gate arrays, standard SSI/MSI parts, fuse-programmable logic arrays and sequencers, and other digital parts of similar size and complexity. In addition to generating basic functional IC tests, to which ac and dc parametric tests may be added, Prosecutor automatically reports testability problems such as uninitializable latches and redundant circuitry.
  • Teaching Microcomputer Interfacing to Non-Electrical Engineers
    For experiments with TTL IC chips, we employ the concept of an Outboard, which is a small printed circuit board that performs a single digital function and connects directly to a solderless breadboard at its outer edges (Figure 1). We have developed Outboards for the basic digital functions, including lamp monitors, logic switches, pulsers, seven-segment displays, latch /displays, clocks, counters, decoders, multiplexers, UARTs, TTL-to-20 mA current loop interfaces, TTL-to-RS 232C interfaces, and an 8-bit microcomputer …
  • A hybrid tile approach for Ka band subarray modules
    The ASIC is a serial-to-parallel latched shift register with TTL outputs to the drain switch ICs and bipolar outputs to the phase shifters. … of a clock, update strobe, amplifier control, phase shifter enable, and phase shifter bit set logic word.
  • The J-K Gate
    Index Terms-Digital circuit design, EX-OR gate, inverter, J-K gate, latch , logic circuit, NAND gate, NIMP gate, OR gate, pro- grammable gate circuit, standard gate, zero/one-true/complement element. J-K GATE FEATURES Notwithstanding the fact that still more complex TTL inte- grated circuits ( IC 's) performing very complex operations are marketed, gate circuits in various forms will nearly always be required as auxiliary switching means.
  • A compact 16-module camera using 64-pixel CsI(Tl)/Si p-i-n photodiode imaging modules
    use a separate serial data bus line because they employ TTL logic . Further, the readout ICs , the 16-channel WTA IC, and the … serial data line that are intended for one type of chip from being latched into the chip …