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  • The Advantages of Tantalum and Nickel-Based Alloy Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers vs. Carbon Block Heat Exchangers in Active Pharmaceutical Intermediate Applications. Author: Lawrence J. Haubner - ©2014
    Abstract: The pharmaceutical industry has traditionally used resin-impregnated graphite block heat exchangers for handling corrosive fluids in their active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing facilities. Tantalum and high nickel alloy shell and tube condensers have emerged as a versatile
  • Using Nanotechnology for More Efficient Dust Collection
    hair can translate into huge advantages in filter efficiency, cleanability, filter life, and energy use. A typical dust collector cartridge filter is a cylinder of pleated fabric (called media) on a cylindrical frame. The filter has two endcaps, and one is attached to the dust collector's tube sheet
  • MICRO:Product Technology News (Jan '99)
    tube has a stainless-steel outer plate for extended operating life. Oil-free pumps ensure a clean subpascal vacuum in the measuring chamber, minimizing the risk of carbon contamination on reference samples. Uptime is >98% and MTBF is >1000 hours with a transfer rate of >50,000 wafers without failure
  • When Adhesives Stick Too Well
    then goes through stainless steel metering rolls where it is chopped into sheets of prescribed lengths. The cut sheets are fed into a winding machine and precision rolled to create a ruggedly sturdy tube which is affixed to the inside corners of a carton. In the winding stage, however, transfer
  • Twintec Connects with TherMark's Industrial Marking Process
    As President at Twintec, Inc. in Kent, Wash., Chris Burrows was all too familiar with the challenges associated with marking industrial products and parts. Boasting the largest selection of multiple tube connectors, Twintec must mark a voluminous inventory of connectors on a consistent basis
  • Ineffective Cleaning in Generic Baghouses (.pdf)
    In a typical "generic" baghouse application, the cleaning is accomplished by back-flushing the filter with compressed air that travels through an orifice hole in a purge tube (blow pipe) and through a venturi. A typical generic cleaning system allows dust to be filtered at an air-to-cloth ratio
  • Blow-moldable TPVs give silicone rubbers the boot
    , driveline). The process gives extremely good control of wall thickness from top to bottom of the part. It can also mold extra features into the top of parts. uses a vacuum to draw the TPV parison (tube-shaped molten resin) through the mold. The process creates geometrically complicated parts i.e.

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