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  • Glass vs. Metal CO2 Laser Tubes
    is a relatively inexpensive process. Glass tubes also produce good-quality beams that work well for laser cutting. However, glass laser tubes come with a number of drawbacks. Nearly all glass tubes need to be water-cooled. Glass is a poor thermal conductor, which means circulating water is needed to assist
  • 6 Things to Know About Titanium Tube
    Because we at Metal Cutting are specialists in precision cut-to-length metal tube, people often pick our brains to learn more about the advantages or disadvantages of different tubing materials - and recently, someone asked us about titanium tube. It's an interesting topic, because titanium
  • Brazing an aluminum assembly (bicycle manufacturing)
    For this aluminum bicycle tube brazing application, induction heating delivers more repeatable and consistent results, while cutting client's heating time in half when compared to using a torch...
  • University of Waterloo Skip to the content of the web site.
    Metal Forming Research Aids Auto Industry WATERLOO, Ont. -- The automotive industry is benefiting from some cutting-edge metal forming research underway at the University of Waterloo. Prof. Michael Worswick, mechanical engineering, is an expert in sheet metal stamping, hydroforming, impact
  • Deburring in Mass Production of Small Metal Parts
    Without a doubt, the key to deburring of small metal parts is to not form a burr in the first place - which, not coincidentally, is one of the underpinnings of our metal cutting business. Our proprietary method allows us to cut thick-walled and thin-walled tubes, as well as hard, soft
  • Measuring Straightness in Small Metal Parts
    t Metal Cutting Corporation,...straightness is a feature that we work with frequently. Straightness is especially important for wires, pins, tubes, and other cylindrical parts that need to fit into a hole or mate with another part. The straightness of the material will also affect
  • Expanding Upward and Outward
    cutting, tube fabricating, vehicle prototyping services, and welding had been part of the company 's service offerings for years, but that wasn 't enough. That 's why the company added deep-drawing, heavy-gauge fabrication, and powder coating capabilities and more than 20,000 square feet of facility
  • Wire EDM Reduces Machining Time and Increases Accuracy
    World Class Technology knows a little something about tight tolerances. The company specializes in metal injection molding of orthodontic products, including brackets, buccal tubes and lingual buttons. Based on the west coast, this manufacturer maintains a cleanroomtype manufacturing environment
  • The Best Laser Cutters and Engravers for Your Application
    into the system and a laser tube capable of cutting through 3/8" wood in a single pass. Flip up the rulers on the engraving table to quickly remove the engraving task plate and place the honeycomb cutting table in the machine. Laser engraved wooden cutting boards. Good exhaust will be important to any woodworker
    combined with heat put out by their laser cutting machine took the temperature of the non-air-conditioned shop up over 100°F. Soon, the heat took its toll on the electrical enclosures of the laser cutting machine. The computer produced a lot of error messages and stopped the operation. Lasercraft
  • The Top 5 Trends In Medical Device Manufacturing In 2019 And Beyond
    satisfaction. 3) Employ real-time monitoring and cutting-edge analytics to streamline supply chain activity. This trend is used by device companies that are focused on identifying the factors that are the greatest influence on their Cost of Quality. Key decisions related to suppliers and production