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  • Optimized FM Tuner Solution
    of the application and improves manufacturability. The Si4700 is the industry's first radio tuner IC to leverage a digital low-IF architecture and a 100 percent CMOS process technology, resulting in a completely integrated solution.
  • A Balanced Wideband VCO for Set-Top TV Tuner Applications
    Modern set-top TV DBS tuner systems require more channel. coverage, while maintaining competitive prices. This situation. creates tough design goals: to improve performance and simplify. design. Balanced VCO configuration could be a competitive circuit. solution, since it provides the widest tuning
  • Broadcast FM Radio Tuner for Portable Applications
    This document applies to Si4702/03-C Firmware 19 and greater. Worldwide FM band support (76-108 MHz). Digital low-IF receiver. Frequency synthesizer with integrated VCO. Seek tuning. Automatic frequency control (AFC). Automatic gain control (AGC). Excellent overload immunity. Signal strength
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    NEC designs DTV tuner into 3G cell phone NEC Corp. has demonstrated a third-generation cell phone that it claims is the first to incorporate a digital-TV tuner. Visionaries see flexible computers using less power Computers will be more flexible, intelligent and require less power by the end
  • 3 GHz Broadband Silicon RFIC Amplifier (.pdf)
    features of the ABA-31563 which are high gain, good input and output VSWR and broad bandwidth made this device useful in various applications such as Cellular, Cordless, Special Mobile Radio, PCS, ISM, Wireless LAN, DBS, TVRO and TV Tuner Applications. In addition to the ABA-31563 the Avago Technologies
  • Smart Computing Article - Win98 Utilities For Boosting Performance
    the fuss is about. Windows 98 (Win98) has some significant bug-fixes, native support for the new Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard (which makes connecting to peripherals easier), digital video disc (DVD), and support for TV tuner cards. Add to that an assortment of built-in protection utilities
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    The picture is getting brighter for chip-packaging giant Amkor Technologies Inc. NEC designs DTV tuner into 3G cell phone NEC Corp. has demonstrated a third-generation cell phone that it claims is the first to incorporate a digital-TV tuner. Intel keeping options open at 32-nm node Despite its decision
  • Preface
    In 1988 we published the book Automatic Tuning of PID Controllers, which summarized experiences gained in the development of an automatic tuner for a PID controller. The present book may be regarded as a continuation of that book, although it has been significantly expanded. Since 1988 we have
  • Tales from the Front: Applying Fieldbus at Genzyme, Part 1
    , one could not exceed its segment length criteria of 100 meters, so, after every 100 meters a repeater and a power supply had to be added. This is no longer the case. Now, this bus can extend for 300 meters without repeaters, instead using a bus tuner that sits at the end of the segment. We didn t
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    GDDR2 getting ready for the big show Confined for now to a high-end niche market, GDDR2 SDRAM is expected to stage a significant ramp late this year following the anticipated adoption of an industry standard that will open up the graphics memory to a wider audience. Broadcom responds to tuner
  • Smart Computing Article - Audio Components
    with the colors on the sound card jack. Check the sound card or motherboard manual to find out which plug goes where. 17. Why are there two inputs? The microphone jack is self-explanatory; it's where you can plug in a microphone. The line-level jack is meant for input from a CD player, tape deck, tuner

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