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  • Conducting a Whole House Inspection for Latent Fastener-into-Pipe Defects Using Visual and Thermal Information
    are not caught during construction, they can turn into leaks that can go undetected for years. The resulting leaks can result in mold growth, dry rot or even structural damage in extreme cases. Contractors in California have a ten-year liability window for these types of defects. Finding cost-effective
  • Quick-operating Fasteners
    design and operation can also be important. For example, a quick-release fastener with a Phillips recess offers fast access only if an operator has the required screwdriver. Quick-operating fastener types include lever-actuated, turn-operated, slide-action, push-pull, lift-and-turn, magnetic
  • Stopping the Flow of Counterfeit Components
    manufacturing sector, China has also developed the ideal infrastructure to turn out more-complex and high-value counterfeit components. Often, counterfeit components are not easily recognized. They might be low-cost parts with remarked or disguised part numbers that match a higher-priced item; older
  • Cold Heading Basics
    constant; it is merely reshaped by upsetting or extruding. Heading is a metalworking process that goes back before the turn of the. century and for many years was used only to produce simple fasteners. Today heading is a high-speed, automated and multi-station operation. that is capable of producing
  • Washers
    known as plain washers, provide a bearing surface for a nut or screw head, cover large clearance holes, and distribute fastener loads over a large area, particularly on soft materials. This, in turn, reduces contact stresses and can thus reduce relaxation. Two types of washers are defined for general
  • Forget general-purpose software -- Get Focused
    Most general-purpose design and simulation programs can be customized so nonspecialized users turn out the work of experts. Detailed assembly instructions can be sent to construction sites and received on handheld computers. The product configurator design by Vlad Zila for an architectural company
  • Foolproofing embedded sensors
    , fastener magazines, positioners, small presses, clamps, grippers, and many other assembly and dispensing tools. The typical approach with embeddable sensors is to use the structure of the target appliance or machine itself to protect and house the sensor, much as with any electronic component

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