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  • Epoxy
    an addition reaction. Shrinkage during polymerization of epoxy resins is extremely low. The most widely used epoxy resins are based on the reaction of epichlorohydrin with bisphenol-A. The reaction ratios of these two constituents can be varied to produce products ranging from low-viscosity liquids to high
  • Filled UV Curable Epoxy Provides Low CTE For Electronic Potting and Encapsulating
    electronic component to protect it from environmental and mechanical damage. Low CTE epoxies fit these rolls very well as the amount they expand or contract when exposed to different environments is minimal. Until now, many of the commercially available low CTE epoxies were made up of two components
  • Tech Tip 17 - Identifying Particles in an Epoxy Adhesive Using Hegman Gauge Analysis
    For wet particle analysis, a Hegman Gauge (sometimes referred to as a grind gauge) is. frequently used to determine the fineness of the grind and to analyze different types of particles within an epoxy matrix. The test involves a flat, stainless steel block with two top channels, decreasing
  • Tensile Bond Strength Variance of Thermally Sprayed Coatings with Respect to Adhesive Type (.pdf)
    A Round Robin study involving 19 coating suppliers and independent laboratories was conducted on tensile testing of thermally sprayed coatings to determine the accuracy and consistency of the tensile data among the participating labs and within a lab. One coating system (NiCrAl) and two adhesives
  • Tech Tip 11 - Converting Mix Ratios
    Mix ratio of a two part epoxy is extremely important in achieving a proper cure. Epoxies use a chemical reaction between a resin and hardener which have a stoichiometric ratio that determines the relative proportions in which the two substances react for this reaction. This ratio can vary from
  • Better bones
    The composite bones are molded from a two-part epoxy system reinforced with chopped glass fibers. Physical properties (85 Shore D hardness, an elongation of 2%, and tensile and compressive strengths of 13 and 17.4 kpsi, respectively) are comparable to that of human bones and an added benefit is consistent
  • Medical Device Link .
    for the assembly of disposable and reusable devices, a two-component epoxy resin system from cures semirigidly to allow the bonding of elements with different rates of thermal expansion.
  • New Flame-Retardant Structural Adhesive
    (as tested on grit-blasted steel at 144 F). Two other flame-retardant products from Devcon - 5 Minute (R) Epoxy FR and Cable Cast FR - provide safety reliability in aerospace, mining, power distribution, and many other applications. Both are solvent-free and cure at room temperature. 5 Minute (R) Epoxy FR

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