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  • Functions Of Wireless Bridge
    A Wireless bridge is the most convenient way to connect two or more LAN sections without the use of Ethernet cables, which run between two separate LAN segments. Various local area networks can be linked without any wire because of this hardware device. Many IT professionals generally use
  • Guide to Network Components
    The two most popular types of network cabling are twisted-pair (also known as 10BaseT) and thin coax (also known as 10Base2). 10BaseT cabling looks like ordinary telephone wire, except that it has 8 wires inside instead of 4. Thin coax looks like the copper coaxial cabling that's often used
  • Auto suspension design made easy
    and a few adjustable parameters. The single-seat race car show the full suspension and two performance charts generated by the software's simulation features. The wire-frame mode responds quickly to adjustments in the suspension geometry. The suspension templates make it easy to assign parameters
  • Smart Computing Article - Network On The Cheap
    with 10/100 Ethernet NICs preinstalled. Ethernet patch cables have identically wired plugs. Ethernet cables are commonly referred to as being either patch cables or crossover cables. An Ethernet patch cable, or straight-through cable, is what you typically use to connect your computer to a router, cable
  • Using PIC16C5x as a Smart IIC Peripheral
    bus. This efficient, two-wire, bi-directional interface allows the designer to connect multiple devices together, with the microprocessor able to send data to and receive data from any device on the bus. This interface is found on a variety of components, such as PLLs, DACs, video controllers
  • Keeping coax safe
    . Many protectors come as coaxial-adapters -- two coaxial connectors at either end of a central housing that holds the protection circuit. The protection circuit attempts to remove the bulk of excess-electrical energy from the center conductor and outer braid without destroying the desired signal
  • Circuit Ideas: How to Parallel LED Current Drivers
    , because they let you connect only a single current-limited wire (chassis return) to the load. To configure parallel drivers with high-side pass elements, however, the current-sense feedback circuitry must also be on the high side, and it must be able to withstand at least the voltage the LED load
  • Distribute and conquer: Ethernet tackles motion control
    by which the controller communicates with the host computer via the system bus. One downside of this approach is that each motion control component (motor, encoder, limit switch) connects to the central controller via wires that can be hundreds of feet long. Of course, long wire runs can be costly
  • Basics of Design Engineering: Thinking Cables
    Cables with embedded electronics make linking two devices as simple as plugging in a lamp. True plug-n-play is the holy grail manufacturers strive to attain when systems must work with each other. The ideal scenario lets users take a device out of the box, plug it in, and start using

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