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  • DC Motor Drives-Image
    DC Motor Drives - (658 companies)
    DC motor drives act as the interface and power supply between a motion controller and a DC motor. How to Select DC Motor Drives. Image Credit: Dart Controls, Inc.; Electromate; Baldor Electric Company. DC motor drives are defined as amplifiers...
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    Integral Motion Controller
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    Motor Controllers - (737 companies)
    ...a device will carry continuously in air without exceeding temperature limits. Peak output current is the capacity current output for a short period of time. AC supply voltage is the range of AC input voltage that will operate the drive or controller. DC...
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  • DC Servomotors-Image
    DC Servomotors - (430 companies)
    DC servomotors are generally small and powerful for their size, and easy to control. Common types of DC servomotors include brushless or gear motors. DC servomotors are DC motors that incorporate encoders and are used with controllers for providing...
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  • DC Motors-Image
    DC Motors - (1154 companies)
    DC motors are most commonly used in variable speed and torque applications. They include brushless and gear motors, as well as servomotors. How to Select DC Motors. Image Credit: Dart Controls, Inc.; Galil Motion Control; Stock Drive Products...
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  • Unijunction Transistors (UJT)-Image
    Unijunction Transistors (UJT) - (21 companies)
    Unijunction transistors (UJT) are three-terminal devices that exhibit a negative resistance characteristic. Unijunction Transistors (UJTs) Information. Unijunction transistors (UJTs) are three-terminal devices that have only one PN junction. When...
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    Servo Drives - (455 companies)
    Servo drives are used with many different types of motors. AC and DC motors feature brushed or brushless designs and are suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Brushed motors provide commutation via physical contacts, usually spring-loaded...
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    AC Motor Drives - (818 companies)
    ...controller' is a motor drive which incorporates functions of a controller and drive to determine the speed, torque, horsepower, and direction of an AC motor. AC motors tend to require less maintenance than DC motors, making them preferable for hard...
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    DC-DC Converters - (749 companies)
    DC-DC converters accept DC input and provide regulated and/or isolated DC output in various applications including computer flash memory, telecommunications equipment, and process control systems. How to Select DC-DC Converters. What are DC-DC...
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    Adjustable Speed Drives - (219 companies)
    ...115/120V 60 Hz, 208-230 / 240V 60 Hz, 460 / 480V 60 Hz, 575 / 600V 60 Hz, 50 Hz / International Power, DC motor, and hydraulic motor. The phase for adjustable speed drives can be single or three phase. Common features for adjustable speed drives...
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    DC Motor Starters - (131 companies)
    DC motor starters combine a controller (most often a contactor) with overload protection, allowing a motor or motor-controlled equipment to be turned on and off. DC motor starters allow a DC motor or motor-controlled device to be turned on or off...
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  • Grainger power electronics and motor drives laboratories at Illinois Institute of Technology
    … 3: Power Transistor, Power MOSFET, and IGBT • Exp. 4: UJT , Pulse Transformer, and Firing … … 5: Single-Phase AC/ DC Rectifiers • Exp. 6 … … Demonstration – Research Projects In the final demonstration, research … … Power Electronics and Motor Drives Laboratory are presented by …
  • CR4 - Thread: HV Termite Terminator Power Supply Design Approach?
    Back in the early 70's I designed and sold several capacitor discharge (CD) units driven by a UJT transistor to provide a continuous spark. They had used a dc motor to drive a distributor to fire an ignition coil continuously; very …
  • Power Electronics - an Emerging Technology
    Switching mode dc- dc converters (choppers) were introduced initially hy using force-commutated thyristors. The switching frequency of this class of converters could be raised when UJT 's became available, and … In the middle and late I96O's, thyristor resonant inverters Phase-Controlled Cycloconverter Drive of AC Machine .
  • Abstracts of Dissertations
    Results obtained from those dogs stimulated with the UJT oscillator indicated massive osteogenesis in the vicinity of stimula- tion. Less bone was usually formed in response to dc stimulation, and little or no bone was formed … Maximum tissue response usually occurred when the bone was driven at low fre- quency with a short …
  • Electronic Technology Handbook > ACTIVE DISCRETE COMPONENTS
    In a switching power supply, it can convert DC from a battery to AC to perform such tasks as driving the motor of an electric vehicle. A unijunction transistor ( UJT ), as shown in the section view of Fig. 2-17a, is a three …
  • A method to build up the voltage of self‐excited ac generator and constant voltage control by DC chopper
    This circuit is driven by a dc voltage which is obtained by rectifying the output voltage of potential transformer PT through rectifier Rec 3 and smoothing circuit R 1 C1. … to the gate of thyris- tor TMof the chopper circuit is generated by UJT and this pulse … The control input signal is generated by a differential comparator as shown in Fig. 5 (a), where …
  • Subject Index
    Capacitance transducers angular position transducer using variable capacitor as timing in UJT relaxation oscillator. Sinha, Naresh K., T-IECI 76 Aug 314-318 (2B10) Choppers dc motor drive thyristor choppers; commutation circuit design.
  • Author Index
    Capacitance transducers angular position transducer using variable capacitor as timing in UJT relaxation oscillator. Sinha, Naresh K., T-IECI 76 Aug 314-318 (2B10) Choppers dc motor drive thyristor choppers; commutation circuit design.
    First, because stimulated emission is the driving force that couples the photon and carrier populations and since the stimulated emission process is proportional to the photon density, the resonance frequency should depend on the photon density in the cavity. The current, photon density, and carrier density can be represented as a dc component (7n, no, so … (SIeiaJt, 8ne, ujt , .
  • A DC controlled reactor using thyristors
    This results in a nonlinear dc voltage versus current curve shown in Fig. 5. A standard UJT relaxation oscillator was chosen logic andthe driving .