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  • Switch Tips: Ultrasonic level switches
    Ultrasonic switches transmit a signal in the range of a few megahertz to a receiver across a gap. The signal attenuates severely when passing through air, but the presence of liquid greatly enhances transmission. Thus signal strength of the ultrasonic burst serves as the sensing mechanism. Upon
  • Prosonic Ultrasonic Level Measurement of Ground Meat
  • Ultrasonic Level Control: Water in Sump of Cooling Tower
  • SLT32 Ultrasonic Level Monitor for Water Bottling Plant Level Control
    Culligan Water installs Greyline SLT32 Level Monitors to control tank levels in their bottling plant in Calgary, Alberta. With non-contacting ultrasonic sensors the SLT32's control fill and discharge valves in five tanks containing spring water, reverse osmosis water and distilled water.
  • Ultrasonic sensors
    Ultrasonic sensors can measure distance without contact. Typical ultrasonic sensors emit highfrequency sound waves that are reflected by the target. A target in the path of the sound wave reflects the sound back to the sensor where it is detected, triggering the sensor output. Special programmable
  • Pharamaceutical Company Uses Level Sensors to Obtain Accurate and Reliable Measurements
    of this technology was unacceptable and cannot be used with portable tanks. Radar was also ruled out due to foam contained in the process, which renders radar technology ineffective. Additionally, the company tried ultrasonic level sensing but it gave variable readings.
  • Application of Ultrasonic Cleaning
    Many articles exist describing "how ultrasonic cleaning works". The goal of this article is to help develop an understanding of the various components that ensure good ultrasonic cleaning. First, establish a cleaning need, along with a determination as to how to measure the level of cleanliness
  • Ultrasonic Measurement of Residual Stresses in Welded Railway Bridge
    The residual stresses have a significant effect on the process of the initiation and propagation of the fatigue cracks in welded elements. In this paper the results of the residual stress measurement in the zones of welded elements of the railway bridge span are presented. An ultrasonic method

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