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  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gaging
    Ultrasonic thickness gaging is a widely used nondestructive test technique for measuring the thickness of a material from one side. It is fast, reliable, and versatile, and unlike a micrometer or caliper it requires access to only one side of the test piece. The first commercial ultrasonic gages
  • Advances in Hand-Held Ultrasonic Thickness Gages with Live Color Waveforms (A-Scan)
    Ultrasonic thickness gages have progressed a long way since their early development in the 1960's. The first thickness gages were large and bulky although they used the same conventional longitudinal (compressional wave) techniques still in use today. Thickness gages are used in a wide variety
  • Theory and Application of Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gaging
    Ultrasonic nondestructive testing (NDT) - a method of characterizing material thickness, integrity, or other physical properties by means of high frequency sound waves -- is a widely used technique for product testing and quality control. In thickness gaging applications, ultrasonic techniques
  • Miscellaneous Ultrasonic Applications
    a cross-section of the most common uses for ultrasonic thickness gaging, flaw detection, and material analysis. However, there are also many specialized or unusual applications that fall outside the traditional mainstream areas of weld and structural inspection, corrosion survey, and precision
  • Intro to Ultrasonic Phased Array
    ultrasonic tests that include weld inspection, bond testing, thickness profiling, and in-service crack detection. This paper provides a brief introduction to how phased array systems work and how they can be employed in industrial ultrasonic nondestructive testing.
  • Ultrasonic Material Analysis
    Ultrasonic nondestructive testing is a versatile technique that can be applied to a wide variety of material analysis applications. While ultrasonic NDT is perhaps better known in its more common applications for thickness gaging, flaw detection, and acoustic imaging, high frequency sound waves can
  • An Introduction to Ultrasonic Transducers for Nondestructive Testing
    The high-frequency sound waves used for flaw detection and thickness gaging in ultrasonic nondestructive testing applications are generated and received by small probes called ultrasonic transducers. Transducers are the starting point for any ultrasonic test setup, and they come in a wide variety
  • Ultrasonic Technique and Device for Residual Stress Measurement
    System, housed in a laptop, for analysis of the influence of residual stresses on the fatigue life of welded elements. In general, the ul-trasonic method allows one to measure the residual stresses in both cases: averaged through thickness or in surface layers. The present version of UCC allows
  • Application Considerations in Specifying High Frequency Ultrasonic Transducers
    Advances in transducer manufacturing technology and associated instrument electronics have led to the introduction of commercial products that provide the capability for ultrasonic imaging, thickness gaging, flaw detection, and material analysis at test frequencies greater than 50 MHz. In many
  • Application of Ultrasonic Peening for Fatigue Life Improvement of Automotive Welded Wheels
    The efficiency of Ultrasonic Peening (UP) application for fatigue life improvement of automotive welded wheels was studied based on the results of fatigue testing of real wheels in as-welded condition and after application of the UP. During the fatigue loading, the cracks initiate in the weld toe
  • Applying Infrared Imaging Techniques to Marine Surveying ... continued
    Audio gauging or ultrasonic thickness (UT) measurements are a common non-destructive testing method employed to determine the thickness of the metal and extent of corrosion based on the known original thickness of the metal plate. During the preparation for UT measurements, by chance I pulled out

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