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    Crystals - (394 companies)
    Crystals are naturally occurring materials that can be induced to resonate or vibrate at an exact frequency. Types Quartz, a piezoelectric crystal that provides excellent mechanical and electrical stability, acquires a charge when...
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    Optical Crystals - (181 companies)
    Optical crystals are transparent in different spectral regions, depending upon the crystal material. They include nonlinear, photorefractive crystals, and laser crystals ' acousto-optic and electro-optic combinations; X-ray analysis...
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    Crystal Filters - (52 companies)
    Crystal filters are electronic filters that use monolithic crystals. They are used in all kinds of electronic and radio communication devices. A monolithic crystal filter uses one large crystal rather than an array of several discrete crystals...
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules-Image
    Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules - (533 companies)
    Liquid crystal display (LCD) modules are used at the component level in place of less efficient displays such as cathode ray tubes (CRTs). These modules do not include housing and must be incorporated into a larger instrument or system. Liquid...
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    Piezoelectric Ceramics - (49 companies)
    ...barium titanate, bismuth titanate, lead magnesium niobate, lead metaniobate, lead nickel niobate, lead zinc titanates (PZT), lead-lanthanum zirconate titanate (PLZT) and niobium-lead zirconate titanate (PNZT). Important parameters for piezoelectric...
    Sonicators - (11 companies)
    Sonicators apply sound energy, (usually ultrasound) to agitate particles from a sample for multiple purposes. Other names for Sonicators are Ultrasonic Processors, Ultrasonic Sonicators, Cell Disrupter, Ultrasonic Homogenizer, Sonifier. How...
    Piezoelectric Sensors - (54 companies) applying mechanical force to a piezoelectric material. Piezoelectric sensors are used in a variety of pressure-sensing applications. A few examples: alumina ceramics. single crystals. ultrasonic transducers. A piezoelectric sensor works on the principle...
    Resonators - (168 companies)
    Resonators are frequency-selective electronic circuits that can produce a fixed (resonant) frequency when properly excited. The value of the resonant frequency depends on the circuit 's components (e.g., inductors, resistors, capacitors, crystals...
    Diffractometers - (35 companies)
    Diffractometers are used to measure crystal structure, grain size, texture, and/or residual stress of materials and compounds through the interaction of X-ray beams, gamma rays, electron beams, or neutron beams with a sample. Traditional...
    Sapphire Materials and Components - (104 companies)
    How to Select Sapphire Materials and Components. Sapphire materials and sapphire components consist of a single-crystal or monocrystalline form of aluminum oxide (Al2O3). As ceramic materials, they have superior hardness, mechanical and optical...

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