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    Pulse Generators - (95 companies)
    Pulse generators are electrical test equipment used to generate pulses that are injected into devices under test in order to study the behavior of these devices. Basic pulse generators allow users to control: the frequency or pulse repetition rate...
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    Unijunction Transistors (UJT) - (19 companies)
    ...dissipation, RMS emitter current, peak pulse emitter current, interbase voltage, emitter reverse voltage, and operating and storage junction temperatures. RMS is an abbreviation for root mean square. Unijunction transistors (UJTs) are available in standard...
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    Programmable Unijunction Transistors (PUT) - (23 companies)
    Programmable uni-junction transistors (PUT) are three-terminal thyristors that are triggered into conduction when the voltage at the anode exceeds the voltage at the gate. The PUT is similar to the UJT, but its intrinsic standoff ratio can be set...
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    Manual Pulse Generators - (29 companies)
    Manual pulse generators institute a command pulse when the handle is turned manually. Manual pulse generators institute a command pulse when the handle is turned. Manual pulse generators are typically rotating knobs that generate electrical pulses...
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    Transistors - (630 companies)
    Transistors are electronic devices made of semiconductor material that amplify a signal or open or close a circuit. Transistors are small, versatile semiconductor devices designed to switch or amplify electronic signals and power. Almost all...
    Oscillators - (525 companies)
    ...with transistor-transistor logic (TTL) use a 5 V power supply. TTL signals are "low" when between 0 V and 0.8 V with respect to the ground terminal and "high" when between 2 V and 5 V. A Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) is a low-power technology that can...
    Pulser-Receivers - (27 companies)
    Pulser-receivers generate ultrasonic pulses, which are propagated into materials for NDT testing. Pulser-receivers (also referred to as pulser/receivers) generate ultrasonic pulses, which are propagated into materials for nondestructive testing (NDT...
    Pulse Transformers - (86 companies)
    Pulse transformers interface a pulse forming network (PFN) and a load. They match the impedance of the load to the PFN in order to maximize power-transfer efficiency. Pulse forming networks (PFNs) collect electrical energy over a relatively long...
    Signal Generators - (369 companies)
    ...instrument, a fixed instrument, or a PC-based instrument or module. Common generator types include: continuous wave. function. pulse. signal. sweep. A source that can produce a sine wave is referred to as a CW source. The frequency and amplitude...
    Darlington Transistors - (64 companies)
    Darlington transistors (Darlington pairs) are semiconductor devices that combine two bipolar transistors in a single device. They provide high current gain (commonly written SS) and require less space than configurations that use two discrete...

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