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  • Wireless USB for the factory
    Vision systems and industrial I/O may benefit from a recently developed wireless scheme for connecting peripherals to computers. The first generation of wireless USB interfacing is likely to take the format depicted here. The wireless USB connection is between a wireless hub and dongles plugged
  • Computer Power User Article - ASUS A7V880
    . The A7V880 provides two Hi-Speed USB 2.0 headers in addition to the four ports on the I/O panel. In all, this board supports up to eight USB devices; however, FireWire support is not included. ASUS positioned the socket approximately 0.25 inches from the capacitors and nearly 0.75 inches from the northbridge

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  • Temperature monitoring using Sun SPOTS applied to vermiculture
    … 512K RAM/4M ROM with ChipCon 2420 radio, 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 USB interface, 3.7V rechargeable … … sided connector for stackable boards The Sensor Board [9 … … I/O, 4 hi current o /p pins, I Analog/ Digital converter, Temperature and Light …
  • Simulation Design of Inverter in Solar Photovoltaic System Based on MCU
    This development board includes the following sections: USB power supply (U1); external power interface; 5V voltage regulator chip … … temperature sensor; instructions power light-emitting diode (LED1); 32 way I / O interface leads; 24C02 memory … … socket, four were positive digital tube, buzzer.
  • Identification of UXO using the Associated Particle Neutron Time-of-Flight Technique, Final Report
    ADC-Analog to Digital Conversion APnTOF-Associated Particle … … Maximum HE-High Explosive I -Integral counts MCA-Multi … … NIM- Nuclear Instrumentation Module O -Oxygen P-Peak Counts … … Analyzer PCB-Printed Circuit Board PELAN-Pulsed Elemental Analysis … … Time-to-Amplitude Convertor USB -Universal Serial Bus UXO …
  • A full-duplex ultrasonic through-wall communication and power delivery system
    … data collection, an adsP-21262 EZ-KIT lITE dsP evaluation board by analog devices Inc. (norwood, Ma), an rF power amplifier for driving the outside transducer, and a custom circuit board . a GUI is implemented … … is an sPI-to- UsB translation device. The section labeled “Transmit Path” includes a direct digital synthesizer (dds) to generate the carrier signal and a programmable gain amplifier (PGa) to set the size of the applied signal and introduce the amplitude modulation for o - I communications.
  • Leading Edge 3D Bin Picking for Casting Industry (.pdf)
       V I S I o n 10 megapixel uSB Board -level camera … of this USB camera line is only 7 mm high and provides a digital input, a digital …
  • Design of intelligent warehouse measure and control system based on Zigbee WSN
    The periphery of the core circuit board possesses all kinds of external interfaces of the microprocessor chip and general I / O pins for connecting external interface circuits. The entire circuit board uses USB port for power supply. Data acquisition module design adopts a simple digital sensor of external circuit, capable of gathering data of …
  • Controlling Physical Objects via the Internet using the Arduino Platform over 802.15.4 Networks
    Computer Technology Institute and Press and CEID, University of Patras, Patras, Greece, O . Akribopoulos, Computer Technology Institute and Press and CEID, University of Patras, Patras, Greece, I . Chatzigiannakis, Computer Technology Institute and Press and CEID, University of Patras … The Arduino Uno is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328. It has 14 digital input/output pins, 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset button.
  • Kompendium of the medium configuration
    This adjustment is taken through a plurality from in and output units ( I -/- O -Units) that either already hold on the mother board of the microcomputer or can be upgraded on demand itself. … the task to take, the interfaces like the serial interface can be distinguished USB or FireWire, controllers … … devices, serve nebenTastatur in the medium industry and mouse particularly graphics tray, scanners, digital photo and video …
  • 32-Channel X-band digital beamforming plug-and-play receive array
    There are 8 complcx multiplier ICMULT) I'PGA chips, arranged in a pipeline architecture Each FPGA accept3 digital I Q inputs from 4 separate digital receiver modules The CMCLT FPCAs will thsn implenimt red-tinw digital beanil'orming hy applying a .ingle complex-valued … The end o f the CMU1.T pipeline is fed to an FPGA that serves 3s a traflic-cop (TCOP PPGAJmil directs data hetwccn SDRAhl 3nJ the USB 2.0 intcrface. As 3n addition ieaturc, ilie DUP processor board contains input and output connectors that enable multiple DBP …
  • A digital device for the diagnosis of insulation systems [electrical insulation]
    … both the single hoard repair in case of fault and the easy upgrade o f some particular … For this purpose each functional module i s realized by a specific electronic board communicating with all the others by a bus supporting both analog and digital signals. Inside the control panel there is also the USB port.