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  • The Effect of UV Intensity on the Cure Profiles of Developing Networks
    UV radiation is successfully. used for many photocuring. applications. Determination. and optimization of UV radiation is. an important aspect of UV curing. as it impacts material formulation,. production equipment and production. cost.
  • Effect of Pressure and UV Intensity on the Rheological Cure Profile and Dimensional Change of Developing Networks
    Rheological properties of systems. that undergo a curing process present. a challenging and intriguing problem. to measure accurately. Zhang et al.1. explain that this is due to several factors,. including the kinetics of the reactions,. the building of the structure, and. heat transfer
  • UV Curing Adhesives and Potting Compounds
    . Ultraviolet curable formulations are materials that cure (harden or polymerize) when exposed to ultraviolet light. Epoxies Etc... has developed an extensive line of UV curing products designed to fit a wide range of electronic, aerospace, decorative, and medical device applications. Ultraviolet light
  • 5 Ways UV LED Curing Improves Manufacturing Curing Processes
    and electronics to converting, laminating, and many more. The intensity output of UV LEDs is increasing at a rate of 12% annually! This means applications that require faster production speeds are now becoming feasible. This article provides process design and development engineers knowledgeable about
  • How Does A Spectrometer Work?
    Optical spectroscopy is a technique for measuring light intensity in the UV-, VIS-, NIR- and IR-region. Spectroscopic measurements are being used in many different applications, such as color measurement, concentration determination of chemical components or electromagnetic radiation analysis
  • Medical Device Link .
    Recent developments in curing equipment UV lamp offers fast curing time A powerful UV lamp is suitable for curing adhesives, epoxies, resins, and other materials. The Maxima 3500, supplied by (Westbury, NY, USA), delivers an average UVA intensity of 100,000 W/cm2 at 15 cm for rapid curing
  • Medical Device Link .
    to simplifying the catheter assembly process. The adhesive fluoresces under low-intensity black light for in-line inspection. It is also solvent free and cures in seconds upon exposure to UV and visible light. A supplier of structural adhesives for medical devices offers a range
  • Ten Tips for Getting the Best Performance from Photocurable Adhesives
    Photocurable, ultraviolet (UV)- and light-curing adhesives are value-added replacements for traditional adhesives and are essential for many high-tech assembly operations where high throughput and delicate components are required. OEMs and other assemblers are switching to light cure products

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