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    UV Sensors - (62 companies)
    UV sensors are designed to measure the power or intensity of incident ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV sensors measure the power or intensity of incident ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This form of electromagnetic radiation has shorter wavelengths than...
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    UV Cameras - (28 companies)
    UV cameras are video cameras that record images in ultraviolet radiation by the use of a UV-pass filter, a quartz lens, a CCD image sensor, and specialty illumination techniques. UV cameras are a style of video camera that have been optimized...
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    UV Light Systems - (358 companies)
    ...of skin cancer. UVB intensity varies by season, time of day, and location. Ultraviolet C (UVC) is the short wave UV band (100 to 280 nm). UVC rays have the highest energy per photon, and thus are more dangerous than UVA and UVB radiation. They rays...
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    Light Sensor Chips - (38 companies)
    Light sensor chips convert light into electrical signals which are then conditioned to produce a desired electrical output. They are sometimes called light-to-frequency chips, light-to-voltage chips, or ambient light sensors. Light sensor chips...
  • Safety Sensor Switches-Image
    Safety Sensor Switches - (99 companies)
    Safety sensor switches are placed in enclosures to prevent accidental contact with live electrical connections. Safety sensor switches are used in machines and other industrial applications to prevent accidental contact with live electrical...
    Radiometers - (74 companies)
    Radiometers are used to measure the intensity of electromagnetic radiation (e.g., UVC, UVB, UVA, Vis, and IR). They are univariate devices that do not distinguish between light of different wavelengths. In addition to wavelength range, radiometers...
    Spectroradiometers - (17 companies) measure light visible to human eye. Yet spectroradiometers can also measure light in the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) bands. In radiometry, quantities include radiant energy, radiant flux, and radiant intensity; radiance and irradiance; radiant...
    Fiber Optic Probes - (33 companies)
    Fiber optic probes collect light or spectra from extreme environments inside reaction vessels at high temperatures or pressures. Product types include UV-Vis spectroscopy probes, Raman spectroscopy probes, and refractometry probes. UV...
    Environmental Exposure (Climatics) Testing Services - (217 companies)
    Environmental exposure (climatics) testing services use humidity, pressure, temperature, vibration, exposure to ultraviolet light (UV) and other climatic variables to test samples, parts and components, and finished products. Environmental exposure...
    Solar Radiation Instruments - (61 companies)
    ...hemisphere. A typical analog pyranometer does not require power to operate and consists of a thermopile sensor beneath a glass dome. The thermopile absorbs all the solar radiation which encounters it and generates a small, proportional output voltage...

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Fabrication. Experimental devices were fabricated using standard soft. lithography techniques [45]. First, AZ 9260 (AZ Electronic. Materials, Somerville, NJ, USA) photoresist was spun onto a. clean /100S silicon substrate. The wafer was exposed to UV. light for 60 s through a mask patterned...

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