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  • QP Toolbox
    Light Source Offers UV Or White Light to Borescopes .
  • Non-destructive material testing, sighting test
    Finally must be still pointed out the UV light sources that are particularly used in the fluorescent Eindring- and magnetic powder test, but that are provided also for the insert with UV endoscopes .
  • Smart Nanohybrids of RAFT Polymers and Inorganic Particles
    A transparent window made of a synthetic sapphire monocrystal (5, 18mm outer diameter, 10mm length, UV grade, Roditi, Union Carbide), optically polished … … of the cell optically using a borescope camera (21.2mm aperture, Optikon) with a halogen light source (Techno 150, Optikon).
  • Xenon And Additive Short Arc Illuminators: Their Capabilities And Applications
    Fiber optic bundle illumination applications now in use provide much higher illumin- ation levels than tungsten -halogen sources and more accurate color rendition for borescope inspection or medical endoscope photography in addition … … extended lamp life when compared to other light sources . A mercury -xenon fiber illuminator can provide an intense UV source at the fiber output, useful for …
  • Thermochromic liquid crystal temperature measurements through a borescope imaging system
    Figure 4 shows the borescopes mounted to the apparatus. There were two crucial requirements for the light source : minimal illumination degradation and infrared (IR) and ultra-violet ( UV ) filtration, only allowing wavelengths in the visible range to pass.
    Not long ago the progress of nitride semiconductor technology made it possible to get high-power ultraviolet light -emitting diodes as an alternative for conventional UV irradiation sources . Due to this development the production of portable and mobile UV lamps, borescopes and endoscopes of high …
  • Digestion and metabolic diseases
    For it, the mini- endoscopes are for the bilio-pankreatischen system as well as different Enteroskope (push … Further, the fluoroskopische detection of epithelial Dysplasien with aid of an UV light source seems (e.g. by the Barrett Ösophagus and by the Kolitis of ulzerosa) and specific photoactive substances as very promising belastungsarme technique to the more efficient diagnosis (and …
  • Demands on hygiene by the preparation of medical devices
    … partly combined with dreiminütiger thermal treatment [by 60 ° C] flushing water), the UV disinfection installation according … A Vorreinigung of the endoscope must immediately occur under regard of personal protection in the connection to the endoscopic investigation while the apparatus is still mounted on light source and exhaust pump.