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  • Vacuum pumps
    In principle, industrial vacuum pumps are merely compressors run with the inlet attached to the vacuum system and the outlet open to exhaust. In smaller sizes, compressors and vacuum pumps are often identical machines. However, in the large sizes that might power a plant-wide vacuum system
  • Vacuum Assist Feed Systems For Roll Compactors
    Problem: Extremely fine and low weight materials present difficulties in feeding to compaction rolls in a typical roll press. In the most severe cases, densification is not possible. In other cases, the capacity of a given machine is limited, typically to a fraction of what would normally
  • Metal Bellows - Key Enabling Technology for a Wide Range of Engineering Applications
    Versatile metal bellows play an essential role in controlling pressure, vacuum and motion, and more in a broad array of machine components and assemblies across numerous industry sectors
  • Tests Show That Solid-Body Plastic Pumps Are The Best Choice For Oscillating Applications (.pdf)
    the machine is started and then remains constant, the components of an oscillating machine-such as diaphragm or piston pumps-are subjected with each single discharge stroke to continuous alternating stress between the maximum delivery pressure and the maximum vacuum in suction operation.
  • Enter the smart zone
    configure products in this line to handle key pneumatic functions such as air preparation, pressure and vacuum control, and actuation. is an integrated actuator containing its own valve, solenoids, and fieldbus connection. The integrated design makes it easy to specify pneumatic actuators, simplifies
  • Industrial Design: Design the Dyson Way
    An art student created a revolutionary vacuum cleaner without knowing a thing about CAD , CFD, or why his idea wouldn't work. What's the lesson for other inventors? James Dyson's so-called overnight sensation, the Dual Cyclone vacuum cleaner, was anything but. In his book, , the British designer
  • Medical Device Link .
    laser desktop micromachining workstation has an optional high-resolution CCD camera, frame grabber, and software. Machine vision can concurrently check critical dimensions, look for contamination, and pass or fail parts. The workstation features linear motors on air bearings, a 9 x 12-in. cutting
  • Medical Device Link .
    A vacuum sealer features an alarm-activated control that engages if seal parameters are not within a preset range. Seal temperature, time, and pressure are preset using the Med Vac's digital controls, which feature LED readouts. Machine calibration and validation are possible using an external

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