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  • Vacuum Motors
    Operating a motor in a vacuum is often perceived as a design challenge. Among engineers, the problems - outgassing, contamination and temperature - are well known. What is less well known is that there are now well-developed solutions to each of these problems. Historically, the ability to move
  • Vacuum Hose
    Quadrant has succeeded in developing a new 50-part vacuum hose and handle, 20 parts of which are moulded in glass-reinforced and unfilled nylon by Quadrant CMS.
  • Vacuum Spectroscopy
    Spectrascopic measurement conducted in vacuum environments range from reflection measurements during coating processes through high speed plasma monitoring during reaction.
  • Vacuum Switch Selection Guide
    Vacuum Switch Selection Guide
  • The Function of Vacuum Handling Systems
    How do vacuum handling systems work?
  • The Foundations of Vacuum Coating Technology
    The Foundations of Vacuum Coating Technology. Containing over 370 references, a section of acronyms, and a glossary of terms, this unique book provides a starting point for more in-depth surveys of past and recent work in all aspects of vacuum coating.
  • Vacuum Technology: Calculations in Chemistry
    Vacuum Technology: Calculations in Chemistry. Providing essential data and worked examples for those using vacuum technology in chemical applications, this accessible, applicable guide demonstrates how calculations in the subject are actually carried out.
  • Definitions for Pressure & Vacuum Applications
    A helpful glossary. Understand the common terminology used in pressure and vacuum sensing.
  • Vacuum Roughing Hoses
    MDC wire reinforced PVC hose is a flexible and economical solution for mechanical pump roughing lines. They are suitable for basic vacuum service to levels of 1x10-3 Torr. The wire reinforced wall prevents tube collapse while under vacuum loads, yet provides adequate flexibility for convoluted line
  • Vacuum Mixing Techniques (.pdf)
    Mixing under vacuum has a direct impact on end-product performance. Studies show that processing under vacuum reduces porosity and unbound particles. Reducing the number of pores leads to remarkable improvements in strength and fatigue life. By definition, vacuum refers to space absolutely devoid
  • Filters for Vacuum Pumps (.pdf)
    A vacuum is a negative pressure condition created to remove gas molecules from a process work chamber. The objective is to provide a clean space, free of gases that can affect product quality and process performance. Vacuum is used for a number of industrial products, processes, and applications.
  • Talk About Vacuum
    Finding lubricants that can perform in vacuum application has always been a challenge. Often, manufacturers have sacrificed other performance characteristic (load rating; limiting speed; temperature capability; and bearing life) to get some ability to function in a vacuum environment.
  • Vacuum Technology for the Digital Factory
    In order for electrical vacuum generators, grippers and compact ejectors to be visible to the smart factory, they must provide digital energy and process data in real time. Schmalz integrates interfaces such as IO-Link, Ethernet and NFC in its vacuum components, creating the intelligent foundation
  • Vacuum Components Made to Order
    MDC is equipped to build custom vacuum components of virtually any complexity. Vacuum vessels can be built to your exact specifications from a rough hand-sketch, detailed engineering drawings or anything in-between. MDC's engineering department uses the latest AutoCAD® software and can accept

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  • Vacuum Technology
    This book consists of the following chapters: Chapter 1 Designing of Evacuation Systems Chapter 2 Vacuum Pumps Chapter 3 Simulation of Pressures in High- Vacuum Systems Chapter 4 Outgassing Chapter 5 Phenomena Induced by Electron Irradiation Chapter 6 Vacuum Gauges Chapter 7 …
  • Foundations of Vacuum Science and Technology
    Information on the design of high- vacuum systems has been expanded to help the reader in selecting pump sets for various system applications and in predicting their performance.