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    Gate Valves - (1128 companies)
    Gate valves and knife valves are linear motion valves in which a flat closure element slides into the media stream to shut off flow. Gate valves (also known as knife valves or slide valves) are linear motion valves in which a flat closure element...
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    Solenoid Valves - (960 companies)
    Solenoid valves are devices that use a solenoid to control valve activation. They are considered electromechanical control devices used to control liquid or gas flow. An electrical current runs through a coil to control the valve by moving a plunger...
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    Check Valves - (1867 companies)
    Check valves are self-activating safety valves that permit gases and liquids to flow in only one direction, preventing process flow from reversing. They are classified as one-way directional valves. Check valves are self-activating safety valves...
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    Globe Valves - (773 companies)
    ...a system. The given and desired properties of the flow can be used when selecting a valve. For more information on valve performance please see the Industrial Valve selection guide. Variables for flow calculations. Variable. Symbol. Units. Flow rate...
  • Ball Valves-Image
    Ball Valves - (2013 companies)
    Ball valves are quarter-turn, straight-through valves that have a round closure element with matching rounded seats that permit uniform sealing stress. The valve gets its name from the ball that rotates to open and close the valve. Ball valves...
    Pressure Relief Valves - (955 companies)
    ...diaphragm valves. gate or knife valves. globe valves. needle valves. pinch valves (for both industrial and medical applications). plug valves. control valves (1/4 turn --isolation and multi-turn, throttling). pressure relief valves. AC and DC solenoid...
    Industrial Valves - (2979 companies) a summary of the basic and most common types of valves, more information can be found by clicking the link in their title. Type. Description. Advantages. Disadvantages. Gate valves. Image Credit: Cameron. Linear motion valves used to start and stop...
    Pinch Valves - (153 companies) closed either by manual means, or fluid actuation. Electromechanical closure is effected by actuating a solenoid, which then lowers a bar or gate onto the sleeve, cutting off the flow. With fluid actuated pinch valves, the pinching action...
    Diodes - (728 companies)
    Diodes are electronic components that conduct electric current in only one direction, functioning as a one-way valve. Diodes are manufactured using semiconductor materials such as silicon, germanium or selenium and are used as voltage regulators...
    Gas Valves - (504 companies)
    ...the closure element. Directional valves steer flow through selected passages. Diverter valves also redirect gas flow. Drain valves reduce surplus media. Gate or knife valves are linear motion valves in which a closure element slides into the flow to shut...

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