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  • Point of Sale and Kiosk Computers-Image
    Point of Sale and Kiosk Computers - (342 companies)
    ...system is computer-based system that allows businesses to capture sales data and other customer transactions. POS systems often combine computers or POS terminals with cash registers, bar code readers, scanners, and magnetic stripe readers. A POS...
    Operating System
  • Code Analyzer Software and Tools-Image
    Code Analyzer Software and Tools - (28 companies)
    Code analyzer software and tools enable programmers and quality assurance (QA) managers to check source code for compliance with established standards. These products are also useful for improving source code. Code analyzer software and tools enable...
  • Kiosk and POS Printers-Image
    Kiosk and POS Printers - (112 companies)
    Kiosk and POS printers are used with kiosks and point-of-sale (POS) systems such as electronic cash registers (ECR) and electronic funds transfer (EFT) devices. Kiosk and POS printers are used with kiosks and point-of-sale (POS) systems...
  • Current Sources-Image
    Current Sources - (88 companies)
    Current sources provide reliable current for electrical component testing and for powering specialized components. Description. Current sources provide reliable current levels for electrical component testing and for powering specialized components...
  • Rotary Coded DIP Switches-Image
    Rotary Coded DIP Switches - (64 companies)
    Rotary coded dual in-line package (DIP) switches are activated by a rotating shaft and have several stop positions. They use the DIP form factor so that arrays of multiple switches can be incorporated into a single package. Rotary coded DIP switches...
    Codes, Standards, and Regulations - (204 companies) societies, trade organizations, and private companies. Aggregators and other distributors of standards and codes disseminate them. Libraries, websites, mail order outlets, and the issuing organizations themselves are sources from which...
    Blackbody Sources - (11 companies)
    Blackbody sources are uniform, temperature stable sources of infrared radiation primarily for instrument calibration. A blackbody is a physical material with zero reflectivity and perfect emission. This means that a blackbody at constant temperature...
    Bar Code Cards - (4 companies)
    Ba code cards are computer boards that contain storage, font macros, and logic for printing barcodes. Bar code cards are computer boards that contain storage, font macros, and logic for printing bar codes. They are designed for use with slot card...
    AC Power Sources - (240 companies)
    AC power sources provide alternating power and typically have adjustable output values for the testing of component response at various voltages, current and frequency levels. AC power sources provide output often with adjustable ranges of current...
    Fiber Optic Test Sources - (114 companies)
    Fiber optic test sources review the performance of a system by injecting light through the fibers. A fiber optic test source is laser diode or LED used to inject an optical signal into fiber to test the performance of a fiber optic system. Laser...

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  • Embedded real-time system modeling and analysis using AADL
    The AADL can be used in the analysis of partially defined architectural patterns (with limited architectural detail) as well as in full-scale analysis of a complete system model extracted from the source code (with completely quantified system property values). .... Vb True Air Speed •. .... p/ Po , Atmosphere Density Ratio.
  • Class Diagram Extraction from Textual Requirements Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) Techniques
    OpenNLP is an open- source and re-usable algorithm. .... It provides our system with lexical and syntactic parsers. .... OpenNLP POS tagger (lexical) takes the English text as input and outputs the corresponding POS tags for … part of speech of the terms; for example, NN denotes to Proper Noun, VB denotes to Verb .... Figure 4 shows a portion of code of RACE stemming algorithms.
  • Dielectrically loaded wire antennas
    …but the numerical implementation is based on a novel extension of the Numerical Electromagnetic Code (NEC) [SI. .... Paper 5860H (Ell),received 27th July 1987 Dr J.P. Casey is with Department of the Navy, Naval Underwater Sys- tems Center, New London Laboratory, CT 06320, USA Dr Bansal is with the Department of Electrical & Systems Engineering, University of Connecticut … body may be finitely conducting and inhomogeneous with permittivity E(?), conductivity a(?), and free space permeability po . .... dielec- tric body may be replaced with the ambient medium and an equivalent source with electric current .... Thin-wire antenna coupled to a dielectric body ofoolume Vb .
  • Towards quantum computing for the classical O(2) model
    Vb . .... ele- ments can be extracted from the 2 and 3 point functions obtained by introducing localized sources . .... Techniques to gather related information from an optical lattice sys- tem remain to be developed. .... and Y. L. thanks D. Mohler and J. Simone for in-sightful discussions on code devel- opment. .... 2013), ISSN 0003-4916 [4] Y. Liu, Y. Meurice, and S.-W. Tsai, PoS LAT- TICE2012, 246…
  • Acrylic interpenetrating polymer network dielectric elastomers for energy harvesting
    …we need to develop technologies that are capable of effectively coupling to the source and transducing the .... Many smart materials have been proposed for use in energy harvesting systems including ceramic piezoelectrics [2,3 … Carpi, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 7976, 797606 · © 2011 SPIE · CCC code : 0277-786X/11/$18 · .... The fi at a po open c this is. .... DEs c ge, constant fie constant charg ilm is first strai otential Vb .
  • Calculation of fields in dielectric bodies by fast backward recursion
    Ourtarget body Vbo is embedded within the overall scattering system as V,oc V,, cV,* c ...c Vb ,, where V,, is a body on which the single source current density Jb[ is known. .... and the EFIE are imple- mented in a simple pulse-expansion and point-matching moment method code . .... A pair of inhomogeneous dielectric (p= po ) cylinders, V, and v,,illuminated by an inci- dent TM…
  • BMC Plant Biology | Full text | OryzaPG-DB: Rice Proteome Database based on Shotgun Proteogenomics
    …Abril JF, Reymond A, Lagarde J, Denoeud F, Antonarakis S, Ashburner M, Bajic VB , Birney E, et .... Allen JE, Pertea M, Salzberg SL: Computational gene prediction using multiple sources of evidence. .... Castellana N, Bafna V: Proteogenomics to discover the full coding content of genomes: A computational perspective. .... Armengaud J: Proteogenomics and systems biology: quest for the ultimate missing parts. .... Power KA, McRedmond JP, de Stefani A, Gallagher WM, Gaora PO : High-throughput proteomics detection of novel…
  • Middleware "dark matter"
    …instance, Microsoft’s promise that .Net will put a Web ser- vices substrate beneath VB — as well … of traditional middleware are moving to augment their Corba, J2EE, MOM, and EAI systems with Web services .... Abstracting is permitted with credit to the source . .... copyright law for pri- vate use of patrons those articles that carry a code at the bottom .... IEEE Computer Society Publications Office: 10662 LosVaqueros Circle, PO Box 3014, Los Alamitos, Calif. 90720; (714) 821…
  • Parts-of-Speech Tagger Errors Do Not Necessarily Degrade Accuracy in Extracting Information from Biomedical Text
    Yes, mandatory requirement of VB in verb phrase NN. .... Error breakdown and analysis on the effects of six most commonly mis- assigned POS tags. .... examining this specialized POS tagger was that it was developed for biomedical information extraction systems (Daniel et. .... Examining MontyLingua's source codes , the main function that processes text is the jist_predicate() function, which calls the jist() function to process text (tokenization, POS tagging and shallow parsing) and then to extract the resulting set of subject-verb- objects (SVO) from jist's…
  • GeneTools – application for functional annotation and statistical hypothesis testing
    Operating System : Platform independent. .... VB initiated and coordinated the project and wrote the manuscript. .... LJ, HB and FKJ contributed equally in writing the program code and maintain the underlying database. .... Schena M, Shalon D, Heller R, Chai A, Brown PO , Davis RW: Paral-. .... SOURCE : a unified genomic resource of functional annota- tions, ontologies, and gene expression data.