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  • Vertical Conveyors-Image
    Vertical Conveyors - (288 companies)
    Vertical conveyors are used to lift or lower loads between various levels in intermittent flow operations and where horizontal space is limited. There are two types of vertical conveyors, reciprocating and continuous. Vertical conveyors are used...
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    Flat Panel Displays - (783 companies)
    Flat panel displays (FPDs) are thin, flat, electronic devices used to display data. They are commonly used in notebook computers. Most styles include the housing and ports necessary to connect them to a computer. Flat panel displays (FPDs) are thin...
  • Control Panels-Image
    Control Panels - (705 companies)
    Control panels are used to receive inputs, trigger outputs, and monitor systems and instrumentation. They are used in a variety of industrial, manufacturing and process control applications. Control panels are flat areas used to connect and display...
    Solar Panels - (102 companies)
    Solar Panels are modules built with a collection of solar cells and are used for the production of DC voltage and current directly from the sun energy. Solar panels are modules built with a collection of solar cells and are used for the production...
  • Patch Panels-Image
    Patch Panels - (224 companies)
    Patch panels are groups of ports used to connect lines between communications and electronic devices. Connections are made manually with small patch cords, and are easier to wire than automatic switches. Wireless patch panels are also available...
    Wallplates - (66 companies)
    Wallplates are covers for electrical receptacles and switches normally mounted on a wall.
    Control Panel Services - (310 companies) well as electrical characteristics. Most control panels are flat, vertical units that mount on a wall or are free-standing. General specifications include: length. width. weight. operating temperature. materials of construction. Often, aluminum...
    Panel Interface Connectors - (9 companies)
    Panel interface connectors (PICs) are devices installed in the outside of a panel that houses a PLC, a computer, or other devices. The PIC allows the user to interface the PLC or the computer without opening the panel door avoiding potential safety...
    Composite Panels - (164 companies)
    Composite panels are composite sandwich structures that consist of multiple layers or skins, often bonded to or sandwiching a core material such as multilayer sheets, cored laminates, or industrial structural panels. Composite panels are sandwich...
    Panel Computers - (198 companies)
    Panel PCs are specialized computers that are designed for industrial applications. The personal computer or PC is embedded in a flange or panel, allowing operators to monitor or manage industrial processes. Flat panel PCs combine a liquid crystal...

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