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  • What is the Difference Between Optical Fiber Slip Ring and Ordinary Slip Ring?
    Fiber slip ring it is to use fiber as a tool to transmit optical signals a slip ring, to the modern industrial development, the application of optical fiber is very common, from telecoms to video, industrial and military applications, optical fiber as a rapid transmission medium is ubiquitous, its
  • Application and Features of HDMI Slip Ring
    The HD slip ring includes SDI and HDMI, which can simultaneously transmit current, signal, HD video signal and high-speed digital signal to meet electromagnetic compatibility requirements. CENO electronics' HDMI slip ring is equipped with the country's leading military technology, offering
  • The Aspects of Conductive Slip Ring Signal Interference
    Conductive slip ring mainly function is transmitting power and signal. Transmission of signals include switch signals, control signals, RS485/232, the common video signal, low frequency pulse signals, heat resistance, strain gauge signals, VGA signals, electromagnetic valve, profibus signals
  • Why Do Fiber Optic Slip Rings Have Such High Reliability?
    With the progress of science and technology, the conductive slip ring has been upgraded and updated in the whole process of industrial upgrading, becoming more and more precise. With the development of the whole communication industry, many system equipment, such as video surveillance system, radar
  • CENO HD-SDI Slip Ring Works Perfectly in Industrial Endoscope
    , manual skills or experience to detect the defects. During inspection, we can use industrial endoscope equipment to make dynamic video recording or photographic recording of the entire inspection process.