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    Videoscopes - (117 companies)
    Videoscopes are equipped with a CCD chip and focusable lens assembly that relays images from bores and cavities to a display. The camera is embedded in the tip of the scope and uses CCD technology rather than optical relay components (borescopes...
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    Tube or Sheath Diameter
    Working Length
    Field of View
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    Borescopes - (238 companies) the Fiberscope Specifcation Guide and the Videoscope Specification Guide, respectively. Specifying Borescopes. When selecting borescopes for a specific application, specifications about the device's tube and field of view must be considered...
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  • Fiberscopes-Image
    Fiberscopes - (89 companies) is one of two prominent methods of facilitating flexible bore inspection, the other of which is the image sensor technology used in videoscopes. Like all borescopes, fiberscopes consist of the three main parts described below...
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  • Optical and Light Microscopes-Image
    Optical and Light Microscopes - (281 companies)
    Optical and light microscopes use the visible or near-visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to magnify images of objects.
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    Inspection Services - (1212 companies)
    Inspection services examine products, parts, equipment, repairs, services, installations, and facilities to ensure quality, consistency, and condition, as well as conformance to required standards and/or procedures.
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    Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Services - (587 companies)
    Non-destructive testing (NDT) services use test methods to examine an object, material or system without impairing its future usefulness.
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The videoscope captures light reflected from a subject through an objective lens and directs it to the surface on the image sensor. The image sensor then converts the light into electrical signals and transfers this data to the videoscope control unit. The unit then sends video output...

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