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  • Videoscopes-Image
    Videoscopes - (116 companies)
    Videoscopes are equipped with a CCD chip and focusable lens assembly that relays images from bores and cavities to a display. The camera is embedded in the tip of the scope and uses CCD technology rather than optical relay components (borescopes...
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    Tube or Sheath Diameter
    Working Length
    Field of View
    Infrared Windows - (33 companies)
    Infrared windows are IR transmissive viewing-port inspection devices designed for enclosure integration. They are used for real-time visual monitoring of infrared (IR) light produced by a variety of heat-generating sources. Infrared windows consist...
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  • Noncontact Infrared Temperature Sensors-Image
    Noncontact Infrared Temperature Sensors - (395 companies)
    Noncontact infrared temperature sensors absorb ambient infrared (IR) radiation given off by a heated surface. They are used in applications where direct temperature measurement is not possible. Noncontact infrared temperature sensors absorb ambient...
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  • Infrared Spectrometers-Image
    Infrared Spectrometers - (172 companies)
    Infrared (IR) spectrometers measure the wavelength and intensity of the absorption of infrared light by a sample. Infrared (IR) spectrometers measure the wavelength and intensity of the absorption of infrared light by a sample. Infrared light lies...
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  • Photodiodes-Image
    Photodiodes - (231 companies)
    Photodiodes are used for the detection of optical power (UV, Visible, and IR) and for the conversion of optical power to electrical power. Photodiodes are a two-electrode, radiation-sensitive junction formed in a semiconductor material in which...
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    Optical Triangulation Position Sensors - (72 companies)
    Optical triangulation position sensors use reflected waves to pinpoint position and displacement. The source of these waves may be a light emitting diode (LED), infrared (IR) light, or laser. Optical triangulation position sensors use reflected...
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    Imaging Plates - (15 companies)
    Imaging plates, imaging films and imaging chemicals include offset printer plates, photographic or image setter film, developers, fixers and other supplies for printing, graphics, radiographic and IR imaging. Offset printing plates transfer an inked...
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    Fiberscopes - (89 companies) is one of two prominent methods of facilitating flexible bore inspection, the other of which is the image sensor technology used in videoscopes. Like all borescopes, fiberscopes consist of the three main parts described below...
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    Fiber Optic Light Guides - (51 companies)
    Fiber optic light guides are bundles of optical fibers used for the controlled deliver of light. They tend to be more rigid, and transmit well in both the visible and near-infrared (near-IR) regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Fiber optic light...
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    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Lasers - (46 companies)
    Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers use the energy-state transitions between vibrational and rotational states of CO2 molecules to emit at long IR, about 10 µm, wavelengths. These lasers can maintain continuous and very high levels of power...
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  • Pediatric and Congenital Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and Intensive Care
    Haga SB, O’Daniel JM, Tindall GM, Lipkus IR , Agans R Vezmar M, Chaturvedi R, Lee KJ, Almeida C, Manlhiot C, McCrindle BW , Horlick EM, Benson LN A videoscope limits the amount of dissection required to visualize the target lesion, thereby shortening operative and …
  • Advances in Mechatronics and Control Engineering
    MARVEL: A Wireless Miniature Anchored Robotic Videoscope for Expedited Laparoscopy. The configuration space Q is an n-dimensional smooth manifold, locally represented by IR n ., bw,,, .
  • Abdominal Imaging
    Trotman BW , Soloway RD. McNulty NJ, Francis IR , Platt JF, Cohan RH, Korobkin M, Gebremariam A. … neoplasm of the pancreas by means of peroral pancreatoscopy using a small-diameter videoscope and narrow-band …
  • XIII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2013
    … P. Savage, and R.D. Gitlin, “MARVEL: a wireless mi- niature anchored robotic videoscope for expedited laparoscopy” … … medical camera system - Lukotronic AS 200 (Lutz Mechatronic Technology e.U.), and eight IR markers placed on … bw Cw .
  • Biophysical Aspects of Transmembrane Signaling
    Nature 328:724–726 Mackay IR … 2:175–182 McMahon TJ, Moon RE, Luschinger BP, Carraway MS, Stone AE, Stolp BW , Gow AJ, Pawloski … A microchannel plate intensifier (VS4–1845, VideoScope , Sterling, Virginia) and a silicon- intensified target tube (SIT) camera (Hamamatsu …
  • International Conference Photodynamic Therapy and Medical Laser Applications Milan, 24th–27th June, 1992
    0.4 mg/kg bw . [:-;!(.' IR [['"f HattioZi S..Cremon.] t~.,~,el~.:~m 6.. New techno- logy should supply videoscopes with appropriate filters, new sensitisers activated by deeper penetrating longer wavelengths.
  • Imaging and Visualization in The Modern Operating Room
    … vivo NIR imaging of the hindlimb and ab- domen of nude mice with IR -PEG NPs circulating … Fig. 11.12 Olympus ENDOEYE FLEX 3D videoscope Kingham TP, Scherer MA, Neese BW , Clements LW, Stefansic JD, Jarnagin WR.
  • Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2009
    … pair of near infra- red sensitive cameras, an array of externally switchable miniaturised IR emitting diodes at … … 19 rounds, of the left out sequence to each class’ model built using BW and KS Table … … images in real-time assists the viewer in interpreting the rotated pictures obtained from a flexible videoscope .
  • Corrosion Inspection and Monitoring
    IP = initial pulse, BW = back wall. Video imaging systems (or “ videoscopes ”) consist of tiny charge coupled device (CCD) cameras at the … … measurements can be made in a spec- tral bandpass window that allows the IR energy to propagate …
  • Plant Services Products
    Flir's i5 IR camera offers improved infrared image quality with 2% thermal ... Lenox's portable videoscope system combines video technology, cordless ... Fuji Electric's BW Series molded-case circuit breakers offer standard type ...