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  • Industrial Floor Mats-Image
    Industrial Floor Mats - (494 companies)
    Industrial floor mats include rubber mats and matting, modular floor mat systems, and other matting for traction, impact protection, worker ergonomics and comfort. They can include functional features such as ESD protection. Image Credit: U.S.
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    Mat Type
    Wet Area Mat
    Modular / Interlocking
  • O-rings-Image
    O-rings - (757 companies)
    O-rings are solid-rubber seals that are shaped like a doughnut. When pressed between two mating surfaces, O-rings block the passage of liquids or gases. O-rings are solid-rubber seals that are shaped like a doughnut. When pressed between two mating...
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  • Slip Rings-Image
    Slip Rings - (101 companies)
    Slip rings are metal rings that provide a continuous electrical connection through brushes on stationary contacts. They are generally mounted on the rotating part of a machine. The electrical connection can be via wiping contacts, mercury, infrared...
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  • Piston Rings-Image
    Piston Rings - (110 companies)
    Piston rings are used for sealing cylinders. They can work at higher temperatures than elastomeric, fabric, or polymer seals. Description. Piston rings are used for sealing cylinders. They can work at higher temperatures than elastomeric, fabric...
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  • Ring Gages-Image
    Ring Gages - (121 companies)
    Ring gages are used for go / no-go assessment compared to the specified dimensional tolerances or attributes of pins, shafts, or threaded studs. Ring gages are used for go/no-go assessment compared to the specified dimensional tolerances...
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    Hoist Rings - (116 companies)
    Hoist rings are load-centering eyebolts. They are designed to be rigged from the center or the side and may pivot or swivel. Some hoist rings connect directly to webbing, chain, or shackles. Others have a hook-end rather than a standard bail, eye...
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    Retaining Rings and Snap Rings - (279 companies)
    Description. Retaining rings and snap rings are fasteners used to axially position a component on a shaft or in a bore. Types. The primary retaining ring type can be internal or external. Internal retaining rings fit into a housing or bore. External...
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    Solid Elastomeric Rings - (108 companies)
    Solid elastomeric rings are compression seals of differing cross sections. Some examples are X or multiple rings, rectangular rings, tetraseals, trapezoid rings, T-section rings, delta rings, D-rings, H-rings, heart rings, and diamond rings. Solid...
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    Rolled Rings - (36 companies)
    Rolled rings (or seamless forged rings) are hollow metal cylinder shapes used as starting stock blanks for wheels or rail tires, housings, bearings, gears, valve seats, ring gaskets and couplings. Rolled rings (also known as seamless forged rings...
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    Back-up Rings - (120 companies)
    Back-up rings or anti-extrusion rings are washer-like devices used to prevent seals from extruding through gaps while under pressure. Seals are installed in the downstream side of the gland. Description. Back-up rings are washer-like devices...
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  • Handbook of Chlor-Alkali Technology
    …household chemicals Coating for paper Adhesive and bonding agent base for Synthetic turf Swimming pool liners and covers Garden hoses School and office supplies such as ring binder covers, pencil cases, book totes Automobile vinyl tops, upholstery, and floor mats Seat coverings .
  • Study on the preparation and properties of styrene–butyl acrylate–silicone copolymer latices
    Because MATS possesses one carbon–carbon double bond and three SiOCH3 groups, it can undergo not only radical polymerization with vinyl monomers but also condensation with terminal Si–OH groups originating from the ring opening of D4.
  • Abstract Submitted for the MAR06 Meeting of The American Physical Society
    The Role of Quenched Randomness in the Stereochemical Se- quences of Atactic Vinyl Polymers NUMAN WAHEED, WAYNE L. MAT - TICE, Institute of Polymer Science, University of Akron — The influence … on virtual bonds between the centers of mass of the C6 rings .
  • Suppliers to the Porsche 911
    …airbags, Seatbelts with pretensioners BEHR HVAC System BENECKE-KALIKO Acella supported expanded vinyl for seats, PVC-foil for sunvisor, TEPEO2 compact foil for heel mat , Yorn unsupported expanded vinyl for door panel, center … cold static gaskets, piston rings just for GT3 engine…
  • Suppliers to the Volkswagen EOS
    …shell L/R Simoldes Plasticos Frontal passenger airbag Autoliv HVAC Valeo Injection molded plastic door module carrier Carcoustics International Inserting mats HP Pelzer Knee A … Innovative Technologies PVC expanded vinyl for door and rear … Sogefi Filter Division O- Rings Freudenberg Piston pins Mahle/Federal…
  • An Introduction to Materials Engineering and Science for Chemical and Materials Engineers Complete Document
    In nearly all cases, the fibers are oriented along the axis of the pultrusion member, although mats or woven rings can also be incorporated to improve transverse strength and modulus. .... In most applications, polyester and vinyl ester resins are used as the matrix materials.
  • Stabilization of electrospun poly(vinyl alcohol) nanofibrous mats in aqueous solutions
    Upon acetal ring and Schiff base crosslinking reactions. .... Stabilization of Electrospun Poly( vinyl alcohol) Nanofibrous Mats in Aqueous Solutions .
  • Dynamic Failure of Materials and Structures
    …et al. (1994) experimentally studied the dam- age and failure of E-glass/ vinyl ester composites when .... The reinforcement in this study was either chopped strand mat or woven ring .
  • Current literature in mass spectrometry
    …CN-100871 Beijing, Peoples Rep China Chin J Chem 2005 23 (6) 720 Ring opening fragmentations of … of photopolymerized products using a MALDI- TOFMS for the study on the two-component photoinitiators Kaji M, Muramatsu Y, Unno A, Hirai O// Hitachi Chem Co Ltd, Elect Mat R&D Ctr, 13-1 … the pyrolysis of ethylene- vinyl acetate co- polymers comparison…
  • Federal Register > Wednesday, February 26, 2014 > [79 FR 10765] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 247-Erie, Pennsylvania; Notification of Proposed Production Activity, ...
    …plastic tubing; PVC, plastic and plastic-threaded pipes; phenlolic tubes; thermoset plastic tubes; hose assemblies; hoses; tubes; Teflon&supreg; hoses; heat shrink tube sleeves; polyolefin heat shrink tubes; nylon tubes; flexible plastic hoses; nylon plastic pipes; vinyl floor mats ; floor mats; console mats … grafoil gaskets; TCB alumina spacers; beta alumina space tubes; alumina rods; beta alumina tubes; pressing ceramic rings ; .

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