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    IC Timers - (82 companies)
    ...time. Elapsed and real time are used for activating the output signal when the signal achieves the preset time. A MicroPC1555 IC timer requires a supply voltage of 4.5 to 16 volts and an operating current range of 3 mA. This electronic timer...
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  • Lighting Controls-Image
    Lighting Controls - (503 companies)
    ...controls can be used manually by the occupants of a building to adjust the lighting of their surroundings, or automatically through programmable or intelligent devices, such as photo sensors and timers. Energy-efficient industrial lighting control systems...
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    Motor Controllers - (743 companies)
    ...motion control, and special programming equipment is used to program the DSP chip. Pulse width modulation (PWM) is also known as Scalar of V/F Control. A PWM drive converts AC voltage and frequency to DC and then uses a PMW to simulate a sine wave...
  • IC Phase-locked Loops (PLL)-Image
    IC Phase-locked Loops (PLL) - (76 companies)
    ...that are based on the phase difference between the input signal and the output signal of a controlled oscillator. An IC phase-locked loop generally consists of a phase detector, a loop filter, voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) and an amplifier...
  • Servo Drives-Image
    Servo Drives - (474 companies)
    Servo drives provide electrical drive outputs to servo motors in closed-loop motion control systems where position feedback and corrective signals optimize position and speed accuracy. Servo drives provide electrical outputs to servo motors...
    Flip-Flops - (73 companies)
    ...they use sequential logic, flip-flops control and are controlled by other circuitry in a specific sequence that is determined by both a control clock and enable/disenable control signals. Several types of flip-flops are available. D flip-flops have one data...
    Oscillators - (564 companies)
    ...normally, in the feedback loop) determines the frequency of oscillation. This active component can be either an electronic circuit or a crystal. Sub-Types. Voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO) and voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXO) change...
    Resistors - (779 companies)
    Resistors are electrical components that oppose the flow of either direct or alternating current. They are used to protect, operate, or control circuits. Resistors are electrical components that oppose the flow of either direct or alternating...
    Stepper Motors (rotary) - (437 companies) the design voltage of the DC motor. Essentially the voltage determines the speed of a DC motor, and speed is controlled by raising or lowering the voltage supplied to the motor. Speed or shaft speed is the rotational speed of the rotor shaft, expressed...
    Pulse Generators - (96 companies)
    ...the pulse width. the pulse high-voltage and pulse low-voltage levels. a delay for an internal or external trigger. More complex products allow control over the rise time and fall time of the pulses. To form outputs, pulse generators may use analog...

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  • Sinusoidal Oscillators and Waveform Generators using Modern Electronic Circuit Building Blocks
    SC Wien-bridge oscillator, 373 SCO based upon BDI, 372 single buffer-based oscillator, 375 sinusoidal oscillators, 369, 371 switched-capacitor voltage - controlled relaxation oscillators, 390–391 transconductance amplifier, 370 two-phase non-overlapping clock, 377 UGA, 374, 376 Wien Bridge oscillator, 368 … CCIII) CCs, 300 dual-output, 275 hybrid matrix, 275 probes and current measuring devices, 275 quadrature oscillator, 300 Timing jitter, 480 Tone-burst generator description, 52 IC 555 timers , 52 Total harmonic distortion … 525 Triangular carrier-based PWM modulator, 520 Triangular/square wave…
  • Analog and digital control of an electronic throttle valve
    The absolute-value circuit, as shown in figure 2.5, extracts the voltage magnitude from the control effort signal that is outputted from the PI controller [5]. .... This is passed into the 555 timer to produce a PWM signal of appropriate duty cycle.
  • Design and Implementation of 12V/24V Closed loop Boost Converter for Solar Powered LED Lighting System
    The feedback voltage is compared with a reference voltage and a control signal is generated and amplified. .... The amplified signal is fed to 555 Timer which in turn generates a PWM signal which controls the switching of MOSFET.
  • Non-standard control of single-phase line-current shapers
    Depending on the voltage at its pin CTRL,(pin 5), the timer 555 , acting as a pulse-width- modulated-attenuator PWMA, scales the rectified line voltage available at the output of the OAl, (pin 8); the scaledvoltage appears at the output of .... The current-erroramplifier OA4 compares the voltages at the pins 7 and 14 and its output, (pin l), establishes a control voltage for the pulse-width-modulator PWM of the boost mosfet.
  • Pulse Width Modulators (PMW), page 3
    PWM Controller -  555 Timer based PWM motor control project for electric fan or other DC motor (added 4/02). .... PWM controller drives LEDs from High- Voltage lines -  4-Mar-04 Issue of EDN  Powering LEDs…
  • A design approach for server power supplies for networking applications
    Major issues of the control circuit design are the synchronizationbetween the two boost PWM controllers, the voltage -mode control , and the employment of high-current gate drives to dnve the paralleled MOSFETs. .... An oscillator based on the integrated timer 555 generates the synchronization pulses and the ramp signal for the voltage-mode control.
  • A study of variable focus gradient optical index liquid lens
    Fig. 4 shows the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) circuit layout of powder control , the circuit uses the electrical components include IC 6219 (ST L6219R) and DC to AC inventor 555 ( Timer Oscillator HA17555-314). .... The input parameters are voltage and plus width, the two factors control strength and frequency of the…
  • Practical Electrical Engineering
    …MOSFET transistors, 756 transistor switches, 755 Switching oscillators, 390 Switching quadrants load voltage/current, 761 Switching RC oscillator capacitor voltage , 393, 394 clock circuit … 390–391 relaxation oscillator, 393 555 timer , 396, 397 triggering, 392–393 … power, 753 matched, 757 PWM realization, 771 Synchronous AC … voltage supply, 387 Transistor circuit analysis collector and base resistances, 1017, 1018 current- controlled current source model…
  • Compensating for model uncertainty in the control of cooperative field robots
    The command voltage is supplied by the analog output of the motion control card, set by the control software. .... Although, a conventional quartz oscillator may be used as a clock, it is better to use another 555 timer chip to provide the clock input. .... selected close to 100%, giving a greater range of duty cycles for the PWM output from the…
  • CR4 - Thread: Voltage Controlled Oscillator
    …linear pot and also have that speed oscillate (throb) with the oscillation frequency controlled by a linear .... I can create a PWM using either an OpAmp or a 555 timer . .... also create a crude sine wave with either IC and output a positive voltage output and manipulate…

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